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California Lightworks SolarSystem LED Grow Light

Introducing California LightWorks LED Grow Lights

California LightWorks has become a well-known name among LED grow light manufacturers. If you’ve researched top grow lights, you’ve likely come across this company. Both amateur growers and major commercial operations report great results with their California LightWorks luminaires.

But what makes this company so special? And what can you expect from their products?

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about California LightWorks.

COB LED Grow Lights for Small Indoor Grows

California LightWorks has a accomplished a remarkable feat with their SolarXtreme series:

They’ve made a lamp that is both accessible to first-time home growers andeffective for serious growers.

This is due in part to the fact that the full spectrum COB LED grow lights are made with a specially engineered fixed light spectrum. The Optigrow spectrum is designed to optimize light for all phases of plant growth.

These chip on board light fixtures are also compact, ultra efficient, and super easy to install. The result is a full spectrum LED grow light that cultivates a professional-grade crop in both small indoor facilities and personal grow tents.

The Preferred Choice of Commercial Growers

If you want something more advanced, you might like the SolarSystem series. California Lightworks created this collection with commercial growers in mind.

Instead of a fixed spectrum, these lamps feature variable spectrum control. Using a digital control panel, growers can program their light spectrum down to the minute for up to 365 days. This gives gardeners the power to manipulate plant growth and chemical profile.

Like California LightWorks luminaires, SolarSystem lights are extremely efficient and durable. They’re also simple to install, generate very little heat, and can be used alongside California LightWorks’ SolarSystem UV light.

Supplement LED Grow Lights for Greenhouse Growers

When it comes to greenhouses, lighting is definitely a science. These operations need supplemental LED grow lights that complement sunlight, rather than competing with it. They need a solution for inconsistent lighting, and they need that solution to be as simple and hands-off as possible.

The Greenhouse Pro series by California LightWorks is designed with these concerns in mind. The GH Pro 340 dims automatically based on the available sunlight and the grower’s pre-programed light recipe. This lamp also features a thin profile to minimize shadowing.

About the Company

Premium LED grow lightmanufacturers don’t just offer a quality product. They also provide service you can count on.

California LightWorks has clearly done all they can to meet the needs of their buyers. They’ve spent years researching, developing, and advancing LED grow light technology. They only use top-quality Osram LEDs and assemble all their fixtures here in the U.S.

The whole team is passionate about full spectrum LED grow lightsand the growers who use them. Their California-based support staff is known for being available and informative, offering lighting guidance with no pressure to buy.We would definitely rank California LightWorks as a must-consider manufacturer for your next lighting revamp. If you’d like to learn more, check out their website

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