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Budget Cannabis Growing Tips

Januworry Budget Cannabis Growing Tips!

We can assume everyone has had to make some budget adjustments this month. From replacing your favourite steaks (or impossible burgers) with 2 minute noodles, all the way to maybe cancelling DSTV subscriptions for the month. In light of this we’re here to share our budget Cannabis growing tips.

So, as the best grow shop in Cape Town, let’s talk about some budget growing tips.

Hello egg cartons!

Budget cannabis growing tip 1

After enjoying an eggs and bacon breakfast every morning of the silly season, you’re bound to have a million and one egg cartons.

And that’s a good thing!

Egg cartons make great seedling trays. And if you were lucky enough to be gifted some awesome seeds – you really need to start sprouting them!

What about if you’re not on such a tight cannabis growing budget?

Well, you can purchase an Easy plug 12 tray!

It’s very easy to use, and with its coco-peat plugs, and you don’t need to count your coppers to ensure you have the right growing medium.

But after your seeds have sprouted and they need more room, what are you going to do to save cash?

Making recycled newspaper pots

Budget Cannabis Growing Tips - Newspaper pots!

It’s a common issue for any gardener running out of pots. But rather than running down to the garden centre and begging for old plastic pots, be an eco-warrior and make your own recycled newspaper pot!

While, these aren’t going to be huge, they do biodegrade, and will cut down on any transplant shock.

To make a simple round pot, make sure you have a round mould (this can be a glass jar, large tin, or anything that’s round…), and newspaper cut into strips.

While the length and width can vary depending on how large you want the pot to be, a general rule is that there should be enough paper to roll around your mould, then pinch and fold the top over to secure.

There are a number of methods of making these pots. Including a square origami version.

But honestly, our Jiffy Pots are super cheap. So, if you’re looking for the advantage of not having to transplant your cannabis plant and stay within the budget… use these.

So, what other budget Cannabis growing tips do we have?

DIY nutrients and compost

Any cannabis growing enthusiast will completely agree with the following statement…

DAAMMN! Nutrients and soil can get bloody pricey! Once had to sell my least favourite kidney to keep my plants alive.

Andrew Macfarlane’s less rational made-up persona.

This being said, making your own nutrients is fairly easy, but time consuming.

Also, there are a number of methods. The first we’re going to discuss is the banana peel tea. But why banana? Simple, they have loads of potassium, phosphorus, and calcium.

Just pop your peels into a container with water for around two days. And use the tea by watering the plants.

You can also skip this and bury the banana peels straight into the ground.

Bananas are also great to toss into a compost heap. Yes, composting is key to a healthy garden. Getting into composting is a complex topic but we’re sure to revisit it.

By composting you’re creating good soil for your garden. Which in turn is saving you money!

For those looking at the steps above and thinking,


Someone who’s got no time for this!

You can easily purchase some growing medium from us!

Concluding budget cannabis growing tips

To be honest, the cannabis growing community is a generous one. We’re certain there is a marijuana fan who will to help you get through the tough financial times.

We actually have our own Zootly Grow Club, where you can ask questions when you need help. We’ve also launched the Zootly Grow Club Rewards Program!

Anyway! We hope you’re now less stressed about growing in January.

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and penny counter

z00tly says: “I’m always living on a budget… I live in a tree.”

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