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Growers Club!

Zootly’s Growers Club Rewards! The Best In South Africa! Find Out More!

As South Africa’s Best Grow Shop, we’ve been toying with the idea of giving back to our fans, and now we’ve started our Zootly’s Growers Club Rewards program!

What can you expect when you become a Zootly’s Growers Club Rewards member? Well! We’re super amped you ask!

What you get as a Zootly’s Growers Club Rewards member

We got to sit down with our main man, Chris Landman, co-owner and founder of Zootly, about what you’ll get when signing up!

Since we’ve opened our shop on Kloof Street, we’ve met so many more cannabis growers! And all of them expressed interest in a loyalty program! So, there you go, guys! You won!

Chris Landman, co-owner and founder of Zootly.

So what has the main man promised?

Firstly, you’ll need to sign up with your email address to our newsletter when making your first purchase in store. We know that it is a rather exciting moment and your mind might be on your purchases, but do it!

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be a Zootly’s Growers Club member. When you sign up to the club, you’ll also be receiving our newsletter.

While normally being a recipient of our AMAZING EMAILER would be a reward in itself, you get more!

Growers Club

When you purchase anything from our shop (only in store), the best grow shop in Cape Town, you’ll receive 5% back on your final purchase price as a reward.

You’ll be able to use this cash-back reward on your next purchase, or let it save up.

Yeah, it’s pretty simple math, for every R20 you spend in store you get a R1 back on your next purchase.

Chris Landman

So, what does this math look like?

Grow Club Rewards Maths!

Right now the amazing Zootly’s Nest is retailing online for R420.00* (*fo twenny! We just noticed this now).

But if you walked into the shop on Kloof Street, and signed up as a Zootly’s Grow Club member, you’ll receive R21 back! You can buy ten Jiffy Pellets with that fat stash of cash!

And if you purchase the Zootly Grow Tent Combo, which is retailing online for R12,590, you’ll receive R629,50 back!

That’s mad money!

You could buy a Zootly Ceramic Bong for that cash and have some saved over for another day!

So, guess we’ll be seeing all of you growers in our store on Kloof Street.

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, bargain hunter.

z00tly says: “I feel like this Grow Club is going to eat into my monthly income! Like, Chris! How am I going to send my chicks to school now?”

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