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Right Indoor Grow Setup!

How to pick the right indoor grow setup!

As we head out of the outdoor growing season, it’s time to bring it indoors. But how do you pick the right indoor grow setup? Well, that’s where we come in!

First things first: the tent.

Pick the right indoor grow setup tent!

The grow tent is literally the safety case for your “sweet-little-canna-babies”! When selecting your tent you need to consider what type of strain you’re growing and its profile.

As a generalisation, your indica strains are shorter and stumper girls, while the sativa’s are tall and slender. Also, the amount of plants you’re planning on growing matters.

According to the last draft of the private cannabis use bill, South Africans will legally be able to own two plants each.

If you are looking at growing the maximum amount of plants, you will need a large tent.

Or you can buy the Zootly Grow Tent 1,2m x 2,4m x 2m! Which will offer ample space for all four plants you and your partner are allowed to grow.

Then again, if you are just looking at dipping you toe into the indoor growing pool you should shoot for a smaller tent, like the Zootly LITE Grow Tent 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.6m.

Now that we’ve discussed tents, we’re going to talk about LED grow lights.

California Grow Lights and More!

As we’ve mentioned in a blog many moons ago, we are the sole distributer of California Lightworks rigs.

Currently, there is the SolarSystem and SolarXtreme. The SolarSysten requires the controller to progam timings and light spectrums. Which, if you are a pro, will be wonderful.

This being said, the SolarXtreme is a self contained unit and is a plug and play. So, if you’re not sure how to program spectrums, this might be the way to go.

The size of lights matters depending on how large your crop is. More plants means you’ll need LEDs in your rig and wattage.

While most of these units are self ventilating, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fail to plan for air flow in your tent.

Be a Fan of Fans!

Ventilation is key in an indoor grow setup! After all, if there is a build up of moisture, it can lead to mould on the leaves.

The first piece of ventilation kit is the trusty oscillating fan. A basic clip on fan should help circulate the air in the tent.

Then the second piece of ventilation kit is the extractor fan. This will also plug into flexible ducting, as you want to make sure to that air circulates out of the tent. Also with an extractor fan you can be sure that your tent doesn’t get that dank smell!

Sure, it smells like heaven, but sometimes you might not want your home to smell like its being constantly hot-boxed.

Now that you’ve gotten the gear to regulate the temperature and moisture in your tent. It’s time to measure it all!

Measuring devices!

When you grow your cannabis indoors you need to make sure that the environment is controlled properly.

With a good hygrometer you’ll be able to monitor the temperature of your tent as well as the humidity.

If the tent gets too warm and humid the plant will develop mould, and if it is too cold, its growth will be stunted.

Now, let’s talk growing mediums for your plants!

Growing medium

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but what you plant your cannabis seeds into matters!

While you can do a hydroponic setup in your tent, we’d recommend using craft soil like Freedom Farms.

Also, using fabric pots will help to air-prune the roots, which will keep the plant healthy and stop your cannabis baby’s roots getting all tangled up.

But honestly, why pick and choose all these items individually, when you can cash in on some rad packaged deals!

Zootly’s All-In-One Right Indoor Kits!

YES! We heard your calls. And the team at Zootly decided to create some amazing all-in-one indoor kits!

YES! Take a look at them all – here! And honestly, you should get them now! As they are all on special!

It’s officially time to lose your mind!

Also, most of these kits come with President Seeds vouchers!

What are you doing reading this?! Go, get shopping!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, gardener, writer, and Zootly Nest owner

z00tly says: “I miss seeing the cannabis plants on my flights around the town during winter… Then again pretty sure there’s a unit perfect for my tree trunk cabin!”

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