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Kloof Street’s First Cannabis Store!


Zootly has been very happy living in Woodstock for the past few years. But, now the team has decided to move premises and open Kloof Street’s First Cannabis Store!

After establishing itself as the go-to Cannabis Destination in South Africa, the team has taken the opportunity to change their scenery.

Our mascot Zootly is extremely excited about the Jacaranda just outside the new shop, and he’s mentioned his love for it not once*, not twice*, but three times*! [*Scroll to the bottom of the articles for Easter Eggs]

Where Exactly Is Kloof Street’s First Cannabis Store?

The team is excited to call 73 Kloof Street, their new home, and are ready to get friendly with the neighbours in the hood.

Like Yours Truly, Once in Cape Town, and even Hudsons, The Burger Joint.

There is much excitement within the team as they’ve seen a lot of growth since setting up the brick and mortar shop in Woodstock.

And as a team, they’ve been pushing the cannabis envelope of what’s possible.

Zootly’s Biggest Headlines

Zootly's Cannabis Cup Judging Begins

Zootly believes that South African Cannabis Fans Deserve the best. Thus, they’ve been pushing what’s possible in the local marijuana market. These highlights include a number of exciting news bites such as:

And we feel like we should thank some amazing collaborators, like:

To name a few. There are also loads of faithful fans online and in person. But now, there’s so much to look forward to with our move to Kloof Street!

There’s some stuff we can’t tell you yet, but here’s what we can share right now.

What We’re Bringing to Kloof Street!

The future for our Kloof Street Cannabis store is exciting. And those who’ve not signed up to the dry herb vapes, bongs and pipes, and of course our entire grow catalogue, go do that!

But after everything, we’re glad you’re sticking with us. And looking forward to seeing you in-store soon! During our opening hours of course, which are 10:00-18:00 weekdays, and 10:00-15:00 on Saturdays.

Parking Tip: We’re well aware that it can be tricky to find parking on Kloof Street. Mainly because it’s so popular! Luckily, the Lifestyle on Kloof Centre has amazing underground parking just off Park Road. Also, the parking lot has electric charging points for battery-powered cars.

z00tly says: “Yeah, cool, whatever, I want my owl house in the Jacaranda! I am willing to donate one to our neighbours – EVEN SUPPLY FOOD!”

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