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Cannabis Fan's Eating Guide To Kloof Street

A Cannabis Fan’s Eating Guide For Kloof Street!

We’ve already spoken about a walking guide to Kloof Street, but we realised there are a million places to eat at on this trendy road. So, bearing that in mind, here’s a cannabis fan’s eating guide for Kloof Street!

Saggy Stone Kloof

This gem of brewery taproom! The menu offers bar snacks, burgers, and pizzas!

The wife has claimed that the Saggy Stone makes the best pizza, typical Neapolitan styled! Honestly go hungry! Order like five!

Andrew Macfarlane, Writer and fan of Saggy Stone Beer

It’s also just a lovely space to visit and have a pint or two. Very unlikely that they’ll let you puff on your Storz and Bickel CRAFTY+, so make sure to have a session beforehand.

Storz and Bickel CRAFTY+

Let’s carry on this cannabis fan’s eating guide to Kloof Street. Maybe move onto something uber chic and cool!

Kloof Street House

This sophisticated spot is the destination for those looking to lap up an evening in luxury. As well as, absorbing some amazing Cape Town Jazz.

The garden setting is the perfect spot to soak in that Cape Town December mood that permeates the air. And for those looking to indulge in cocktails, Kloof Street House has an amazing selection and bespoke bartender.

Once again, we highly doubt they’ll be willing to ZOL-IT-UP in their establishment. It’s just not that type of place.

Then again, if you had a tiny DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer on hand and popped it on every so often, it shouldn’t be a problem.

But, for those looking at something a little more laidback, then the next place is definitely a must-visit.


If you’re more of a hole-in-the-wall type of person, and think…

God, I wish pizza slices were like, laughably large.

You, puffing on your own amazing supply!

While this is a chain restaurant… the eatery’s rustic charm and quaint cramped style is a must-visit for those experiencing intense munchies.

If you’ve just ordered an Eyce Beaker, or own one, then we can assure you that you’ll dig this place. As our writer feels the bong’s tough silicone and rad styling is the embodiment of the I ❤️ NY SLICE!

Eyce Beaker

For those looking for their own local “Cheers-The-Comedy-Show” type of establishment, then the next place is for you!

Mixa’s Schwarma

Not going to beat around the bush, Mixa’s is the type of place that time forgot.

We’re pretty sure that time was the late 90s, but it’s worth a visit if you’re hungry and on a budget.

For those who’ve been reading through this blog and the last one, none of the places mentioned before this are what you’d call – “CHEAP”.

Also, there’s often a good drinks special on. As they have no online information available, you’ll just need to see it for yourself.

Yes, this is for the cannabis fan who is on budget. If you’re rolling your own with Zoot Rolls and loving it as you’re a bohemian wanderer… well then you’ll love this place!

Rollie Papers | Zoot Rolls

But, if you’re really looking for something truly strange – the next spot is for you!

Bombay Bicycle Club – Cape Town

A truly wacky dining experience, the Bombay Bicycle Club is the place to go.

Colourfully decorated, it’s what happens when you let your interior decorator express themselves after taking too many hallucinogens while religiously reading Eat, Pray, Love.

Surprisingly, this is a compliment as it is amazing and vibrant.

They describe the menu as being “a collection of all-time favourites”. Which are then evolved over time, or until someone suggests something…

If you were wondering, yes, just leave your inhibitions at the door, and make sure you have your stash on hand.

Like, in a nice Zoot Store!

Zoot Store, Cannabis Storage

Any more suggestions?

Cannabis Fan’s Eating Guide to Kloof Street to be continued!

Let’s just say, we had to skip a few great spots on Kloof Street – AGAIN!

Honestly, there’s some much to do on the street! So, until next time. Keep smoking and eating!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and Kloof Street walker…

z00tly says: “It’s going to take me years to fly to every spot on the street!”

From the zootly Shop

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