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Storz and Bickel CRAFTY+ V2 Vaporizer

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The battery-powered CRAFTY+ is the perfect companion for all your pursuits. Handy and compact, the CRAFTY+ provides you with outstanding vapor quality, flavor and air flow for elevated everyday experiences. Don‘t sacrifice performance for portability – get both with the CRAFTY+.


The CRAFTY+ uses a patented combination of convection and conduction heating – a technology proven to excel in heating up herb evenly and efficiently. In addition, the powerful heating system allows for exceptional air flow and allows you to breathe in effortlessly. With the optimized heater, the CRAFTY+ reaches the desired temperature in approximately 60 seconds.


Adding to the sensational vaporization experience, the CRAFTY+ is equipped with an ingenious Cooling Unit, which cools down the vapor to a pleasant temperature. The Cooling Unit is made from PEEK; a high-grade, heat-resistant and food-proof plastic, which is commonly used in the medical field for surgical implants.


The CRAFTY+ features a new, slick design and improved housing.The materials are carefully selected and integrated into the new design to suit your everyday use. The intuitive one-button-control gives you not just 2 but 3 pre-set temperature levels for hassle-free and even more convenient use.


With the customized app for Android you are always in control. Connected via Bluetooth, you can adjust all the settings the CRAFTY+ has to offer – remotely. Just use your smartphone to tune the CRAFTY+ to your personal taste.



The Storz and Bickel CRAFTY+ is the perfect portable vaporizer. It delivers the outstanding vapor quality, flavour and air-flow that you’ve come to expect from the Germans.

We say it’s perfect to take along on any type of adventure. Even in the worst conditions, you won’t need to sacrifice performance with this portable unit. While we think it’s an amazing looking device, the magic happens on the inside!

It’s what’s inside the CRAFTY+ that matters

Using a patented combination of convection and conduction heating tech, it combines together to deliver what we’d call,


The heating elements are just fantastic. Then there’s the airflow in the device, which is exceptional, offering effortless drags!

With all this tech, the CRAFTY+ is ready in +/- 60 seconds.

And just because it heats up so quickly, doesn’t mean it takes an age to cool down!

The device is equipped with an amazing – dare we say genuis – cooling unit. So, no more putting those hot vapes into your pocket! The cooling unit is made from PEEK.

To be honest, we didn’t know what PEEK was, now we do, and it is a high-grade, heat-resistant, and food-safe plastic. Normally is it used in the medical field for surgical implants. Yep, this is doctor grade stuff!

Have we mentioned this is a looker?

Look at this STUNNER!

If this device caught your eye amongst all the Google search results it’s not because of the work of the brilliant SEO writer…

NO! It’s because it is a beautiful machine! The design takes into consideration that it’ll be used everyday, with its intuitive one-button-control. It also has 3 pre-set temperature levels. If you were wondering how you program these settings, well it has an app!

That’s right! An APP! The app is only for Android devices and you can connect to it via Bluetooth. Also, you can adjust most of the settings remotely!

So to sum up the Storz and Bickel CRAFTY+:

  • 30% faster heat-up
  • New, slick design for optimized grip and feel
  • Improved housing material
  • Super-Boost: Triple-pressing power button gets you to max. temperature of 210°C (410°F)
  • Improved electronics and optimized circuit board
  • 2 year warranty + 1 year warranty upon registration

2 reviews for Storz and Bickel CRAFTY+ V2 Vaporizer

  1. Douglas C. (verified owner)

    The service from Zootly was great

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

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