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Checking Out Kloof Street Below!

A Cannabis Fan’s Walking Guide For Kloof Street!

We love Kloof Street, Cape Town. So much so, we’re considering moving there… More about that later!

Right, now let’s talk about the ultimate walking guide for Kloof Street. We’ll be working our way from the top of Long Street, all the way to the bottom of Bellevue Street.

Be warned, we’re going to be very biased. So, bearing that mind, let’s start the walking tour!

Starting at the Baseline

We feel like cannabis and skating go hand-in-hand. If you’re looking at getting gear for your trip up the road, and bombing back down it, Baseline is a great place to pop into!

We also fully support this window design! And, if you’re looking for rad skateboarding prints, we’ve got something you might love!

You know what goes with skateboarding? Tattoos and haircuts… Jesus… I’m old…


Yes, the renowned hairstylists on Kloof are the legends who did the hairs for Die Antwoord. Also, that’s where the writer got his hairs did on his wedding day. Yes, ON his wedding day,

Thanks scar, because you guys did my hair on my wedding day, my wife didn’t leave me at the alter. Which is a positive. Also, I’m told, for future reference, men should get their wedding hairstyle done a week in advance!

Andrew Macfarlane, writer and person who needs to get his hair cut more regularly.

We’re glad you made it through the lockdowns, now we’re going to be sending Derek to get his hair done!

Currently we can’t get him out of his Zootly cap!

Zootly Cap To Wear on Kloof Street

Kak Lucky Tattoos

If you’re looking to get inked on Kloof Street, Kak Lucky Tattoos offers walk in services for small jobs. BUT – rather phone ahead to book a spot.

They pride themselves on providing an environment where anyone can walk in and ask questions. Even peruse some tattoo catalogues. Or you can check out their Instagram feed!

Also, they stock… Cape Ape seeds… which means they are cannabis fans. But we’d suggest you stick with our favourites, President Seeds!

Anyway, let’s not start a cannabis seed grow-off! Let’s carry on walking up Kloof Street!

Yours Truly Kloof!

We’ve mentioned Yours Truly on Kloof before, here, and here! Why would we keep talking about them?

Its their Jacaranda Tree! Zootly just loves it! And is dead keen to move into it! Just set up his amazing little hotbox abode inside of it!

For humans that have walked this far, bought a skateboard, had a haircut, and tattoo – you deserve a drink!

Alright, next spot! Maybe some music is in order!

The Striped Horse on Kloof Street

The self-proclaimed “Best bar, grill and live music venue you’ll find in Cape Town’s vibey Kloof Street”, it is a lovely destination to pop in at and enjoy a pint of Striped Horse.

Music on Kloof Street!

Our writer is a fan of the Striped Horse lager, as it is available in a quart from his local bottle store.

Then again, if you’re looking for a chilled Mediterranean lunch for the entire family, the next classic cafe might be more your speed.

Cafè Paradiso

A Capetonian favourite, Cafè Paradiso has amazing views of the mountain while offering equally exquisite food.

When the sun is shining there’s no better spot to soak it up while tucking into tzatziki, dolmades, and babaganoush as well as some delicious country-style dishes.

It is a no smoking restaurant, so make sure you’ve enjoyed your little session with your Cookies x G Pen Nova before sitting down.

Nourish’d Café & Juicery

We’ve going to end off this trip up hill at a plant-based, zero waste, cafe known as the Nourish’d Café & Juicery.

We felt that including another restaurant would be a little too much, AS THERE’S SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM!

Restaurants we didn’t mentioned in this blog are going to be listed in the next blog. But for now, let’s focus!

Rather than mince their words, we’re just going to quote from their website:

Nourish’d is a plant-based, zero waste cafe and juicery. Our fairy founder, Tash, put her passion for the planet into action and established Nourish’d in 2017. She transformed her dad’s old garage into a bite-sized juicery that is now one of Cape Town’s most popular café’s. We make delicious vegetarian and vegan juices, smoothies, sandwiches, and more! We also sell juice cleanses, tinctures, and zero-waste merchandise on our online store.

Nourish’d, Source:

As a company that wants everyone to develop a green thumb, we appreciate the work and commitment.

So, that’s it for now! Till next time! Also, Nourish’d Cape Town could do with some amazing fabric grow pots!

Zootly Fabric Grow Pots

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and walker of Kloof Street for decades.

z00tly says: “Dear at Yours Truly, I want to officially apply to erect my BIRD HOUSE IN YOUR TREE! LET ME MOVE IN ALREADY!”

From the zootly Shop

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