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Cannabis Exercise - Should You?

Cannabis And Exercise? Should You Mix Them?

I’ve written about the fact that cannabis enthusiasts like to walk dogs, hike, do yoga, and are an active bunch. So, writing about the genre of ‘cannabis exercise’, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Marijuana fans aren’t all about watching reruns of Murder She Wrote, most want to explore. But if you do like staying indoors, there’s nothing wrong with that – YOU DO YOU BOO!

Honestly, weed can actually help enhance the exercise in certain circumstances.

BUT, this is a little bit more complicated than most would expect.

Here’s our take on whether cannabis and exercise should mix.

Cannabis Makes Exercise More Enjoyable

According to a paper published in Frontiers in Public Health, 87% of the people surveyed said they’d personally endorse using cannabis with exercise.

One of the major barriers to continuing exercise was a lack of enjoyment of the routine.

And 70% of this research group went on to say it enhanced the level of enjoyment.

This enjoyment factor actually resulted in people exercising more in some cases. Those who had marijuana less than an hour before a workout, or less than four hours after, exercised longer.

So, if you are feeling a little unmotivated, we can honestly recommend maybe putting a micro-dose in a DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer.

This being said, let’s splash some negativity into this blog! And maybe hold off on ripping some dank clouds.

Cardiovascular Health And Weed

When you are lighting up a joint, and for an approximate 60 minutes afterwards, cannabis is known to increase heart rate and blood pressure.

If you’re wondering:

My heart pounds like a million miles an hour on the treadmill already, what would this do to me?

Andrew Macfarlane, writer, and not mad about cardio exercise.

This might cause a heart attack.

Nope-nope-nope! No weed for me then!

Andrew Macfarlane, still writing this article and sifting through the research.

BUT this is unlikely to affect you if you’re healthy.

And most medical professionals will point towards the fact that there isn’t enough data to draw major conclusions.

Also, for a lot of people, coordination goes out the window when you’re high.

If you’ve never done a full workout routine with THC in your system, take a small dose, and reduce your exercise goals.

Also, another factor to remember is THC makes your glucose metabolism work harder. In layman’s terms: it’s why you get a dry mouth when smoking.

So, make sure to hydrate a lot.

Now let’s change back and share the positive news!

Cannabis After Exercise

One of the major common barriers to exercising is pain. We’ve mentioned the powers of CBD in treating inflammation before.

Cannabis has anti-inflammatory effects, which can reduce swelling on joints, and assist with muscle repair.

But this is all speculation, as more in-depth scientific research is needed to clarify details.

So, what is the conclusion?

Cannabis And Exercising Conclusion

We’d recommend small doses, (use a vaporizer to monitor your doses) if you’re looking for motivation before exercising. Then monitor your heart rate closely. Don’t be a hero.

If you are doing yoga or pilates, then we think you’d be fine. But still, exercise caution.

Be responsible and don’t hit that awesome Zootly ceramic bong like a delinquent before running the Comrades.

If you are using cannabis to minimise pain and speed up recovery time, make sure to closely monitor that you’re not just covering major damage.

Should you mix cannabis and exercise? It’s still very early on to draw definitive conclusions, as there’s no solid science.

This being said, we’re not responsible for your actions. And by reading this you’ve agreed that we’re not liable for anything you do.


Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, garden, and guy who hate cardio.

z00tly says: “Feel like we should have said this liability thing earlier…”

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