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Finding the perfect vape in South Africa

Hoot hoot, Zootly friends!

We know that vapes are the latest hoot topic, but how do you go about choosing the perfect one for you? Now, we’re not just talking about any vape, we’re referencing ‘special’ vapes. The kind that leave you feeling less stressed and more chilled – in other words, the lekker kind. Let’s dig into what you’ll find at ‘special’ vape shops in Cape Town…

Dry Herb Vapes

More bud, less smell! These are perfect for our lighter puffers – put in a little bud, take a little drag, feel a little bliss. Bonus points? No one will know what you’ve got in that snazzy-looking vape. 

Our favourite? The Airvape XS Go – we love it. So much so that we did a review just for you. Feel free to stop in at the Zootly store if you want to have an in-person hoot sesh, our team are only happy to advise you. 

For our flower lovers with a little more budget, check out the PAX 2 as another option for your bud. Sleek, sexy, and simple to use. Bonus points to this vape for having motion-sensing technology – no buttons, no fuss, just drag and enjoy.

Is this, in fact, the most popular portable vape of all time? The manufacturers seemed confident, but what are your thoughts?

Ah damn, did we forget to mention the G Pen Elite? Endorsed by none other than the mighty D-O double G, Snoop himself, this is the ultimate dry herb vape. Think of it as the Tesla of its kind. With an LED screen and custom heat settings, you’re about to become a dagga connoisseur – detect the nuanced flavours, and weed out the good from the excellent.

Also, who needs coils when you’ve got the alpha hoot of ceramic chambers? From zero to your desired temperature in just 30 seconds. Check it out here.

Concentrate / Oil Vapes

Now we’ve looked at the crème de la crème of dry vapes, let’s concentrate on something a little different. Are you looking to dabble in a little liquid bud but don’t want the hassle of the equipment? Let’s chat oil vapes…

Starting with the Boundless Terp Pen – prepare for big flavours from a small device! A simple magnetic cap separates you and the perfect micro-dose of your favourite concentrate. And to put your mind at ease, this snazzy little vaporiser contains a ceramic coil that can be applied to the oil with no nasty issues or chemicals – whew, right? Safe, easy, and affordable, what more could you want?

Sliding up the price scale a little, give a hoot for the G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer. Yes, we promise it isn’t secretly a sex toy! 

So, what’s special about it? First and foremost, say hello to an 850 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery! Sure, this is great for recharging but it also powers the haptic feedback of the device – i.e. it vibrates when you smoke! We’re not doing a good job of convincing you it isn’t a sex toy, are we? A splash of ceramic magic later and we can confirm this device is built for consistent heat application, meaning you’re just a drag away from pearly puffs at any time.

Now that we’ve covered what can be found at vape shops in South Africa, have you decided what to choose? If you’re keen to discover more options, check out the vaporiser section on our website. Alternatively, feel free to give us a hoot!

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