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Let’s Talk About Cannabis And Vapes

It should be stated upfront with all the headlines around “Vaping Illness”, we’re all about selling products that won’t hurt our consumers.

Also, none of our concentrates and oils contain Vitamin E, which has been identified as the main culprit. You can read all about it here. But generally, we source only the best international products for you. 

Anyway, let’s dive into the vapes we have on offer, and how they differ.

Dry Herb Vapes

As the name suggests this type of vape only uses the actual flower in the chamber. This is then vaporised by the element or convection, which produces the smoke. There is another mechanical version of dry herb vape, where an alternative ignition source is used like a gas flame or heated air.

Most of the vapes in our store that use dry herbs can also be used with wax and solid extracts. But we’ll explain some of these details a little later.

For now, the benefits of enjoying dry herb are:

  • Some feel it has a better taste as the flower isn’t burnt and is less likely to irritate the throat and lungs; 
  • There’s a weaker cannabis smell; 
  • It’s a lot more discreet, as most assume you’re just vaping; 
  • Temperature control which allows for stronger or weaker hits (weaker is better for part-time vapers);
  • And it’s a little more environmentally friendly compared to the concentrates. 

For us, the best Dry Herb Vape is the AirVape XS GO Vaporizer. It delivers great quality hits and fits easily in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is grind-up your herb and you are ready to go. Also, this method means you’re avoiding any Vitamin E.  

Solid Extracts and Wax

As we mentioned you can use the same device to enjoy dry herb, solid concentrates and wax. So, if you want to enjoy a variety of options you can purchase one of our mixed-use vapes, here

But what differentiates them? Well, let’s dive into what we deem solid extracts, oils, and wax. As you might already be aware, cannabis is a juicy plant that produces resin. These by-products can be compressed and filtered. In certain cases, you can make a strictly CBD product, or THC product (which no one is allowed to sell). These can then be atomised in a vape.

If it is wax, place into the chamber, and enjoy.

Now, we can move onto the oil concentrate vapes.


Yep, another type of vape. These are more specialised units, with some utilising single-use cartridges. These pens are normally slimmer and lighter than the solid and dry herb vapes.

But, just because it’s slimmer, doesn’t mean that they’re limited with the amount of flavour they can deliver.

Actually, vape technology is moving along at such a breakneck speed, that our new DYNAVAP M Vaporizer can, well, we’ll use its write-up to sell it. 

“The DynaVap “M” Vaporizer is a high-quality portable vape that is fully compatible with both dry herb and concentrates, and is capable of constantly delivering flavorful and effective vapour. The Dynavap M can be used with a torch lighter, standard lighters, or even a candle flame.”  

Right, so what are these concentrates? They’re highly processed cannabis plants, and depending on the extracts from the plant you want (we only sell CBD), you can have concentrates with up 90% THC (we’ve been told by the legal industry in the USA).

There’s bound to be a new smoking device hitting the market in the next few months, they come up more frequently than iPhone updates. But don’t freak out, we’ll be sure to stock them just for you in our store.

If you’re old school, we still sell epic handmade ceramic bongs, and other larger rigs, as well as amazing ceramic pipes. We’re all about pleasing our client base!

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, budding horticulturist, and ex-smoker… 

Zootly says: “Let’s light it up! And no one is allowed to say, ‘It’s Lit”… NO ONE! It’s not funny!”    

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