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These guys are SA’s first champion cannabis growers

SA’s Biggest Bush: first cannabis growing competition winners

The winners of South Africa’s first cannabis growing competition have been crowned, and they are our new heroes.

Plant nutrition and fertiliser company EnOrmous Bud held a countrywide competition to find the growers of the hugest most impressive cannabis plants.

There were two categories in the competition: Bushmaster, for the biggest cannabis plant, and Budmaster, for the largest bud by size and weight.

Claiming the biggest bush title this year is Bushmaster Trevor Rossouw, for his absolute beast of a cannabis plant. This whopper stands 3.8 metres tall! 

Trevor hails from East London. His massively successful gardening ventures have brought us this nugget of wisdom: apparently horse poo grows insanely huge marijuana bushes!

“I dug the plant out of a friend’s garden when it was about 10cm, in October 2018. Builders had discarded some seeds while working on renovations,” Trevor said.

“I transplanted it into my wife’s veggie garden in East London. She only uses horse manure and homegrown compost, and her veggies are huge and superb.”

Trevor added EnOrmus Bud’s bioactive cell food into the soil to further fuel the plant’s growth, and it soon shot up, much like the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk– except, he gets to harvest giant bud instead of beans, which we reckon is a solid win.

Speaking of giant bud, the title of Budmaster 2019 was awarded to Verdon ‘Don’ Bence for a massive mutant bud weighing in at 158 grams. 

EnOrmus Bud managing director Peter Searll said there was tight competition for the biggest bud.

“The Budmaster was selected as the most appealing big bud, taking size and weight into account. There were longer buds but they were not as thick or heavy as the winning entry,” Peter said. “The Bushmaster had the biggest bush – looking almost like a Christmas tree!”

The plans are already heating up for next year’s competition, which will have more categories such as indoor and outdoor, and just maybe, the factor everyone really wants to know: the most deliciously smokeable homegrown.

Zootly says: Are you gunning to win the title of South Africa’s biggest bud or bush? We suggest you get cracking on your grow plan!

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