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Cannabis Smell

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid of the Cannabis Smell in your Home

Ask any marijuana fan, to truly enjoy your crop you need to be discreet. Otherwise, people start to crawl out the wood work for a free bud. So, how do you ensure that the cannabis smell disappears from your home?

Well, thank God, the people at Zootly decided to contract their writer to do some research about this topic. Like, aren’t they nice people!?

Use Sensible Cannabis Storage

It won’t come as a surprise to those who are regular users, but your cannabis storage container can become stinky in no time. Always make sure that your cannabis storage solution is air-tight, like our Zoot Tubes.

While you can use most airtight tupperware solutions, we have to warn you, your mom won’t enjoy getting it back with a cannabis smell.

If you are stuck in this situation, throw some coffee grounds and herbs into the container to remove/cover the smell. And in the future, store your stash in a glass mason jar like a human being: YOU ANIMAL!

But what if you lit a classic joint in the kitchen with the in-laws coming over. Don’t panic…


Yes! Just open up some windows, crank those fans up to maximum level, and blast those odours outside! This being said, moving air (AKA: wind) won’t totally cover the smell.

Time to tap into that collection of incense sticks your estranged aunt gave you on your 13th birthday! Nothing covers odours like incense. Sure, it smells like guilt for those who’d be suspicious, but they can’t prove a thing!

Also, scented candles will help mask the smell.

Then, you can buy a few deodorising gel packs, and place them around any ventilation points, which will remove all those cannabis smells.

The next tip is a bit of a harder step to action to get rid of that cannabis smell.

Start Scrubbing!

Yes, start cleaning all the surfaces in your home with strongly scented surface cleaners. Make sure to wipe down your smoking area twice.

While it may seem like a mission, it’s always in your best interest to keep your home clean. And plus, your mother will be proud.

And, as we’ve learnt during the Pandemic – wash your hands!

But if you’re a regular smoker, you might want an alternative method that doesn’t require so much elbow grease.

Other Smoking Methods

While you might love the taste of joints, blunts, and bongs, they are rather smelly contraptions. Switch to a vaporizer and you can kiss all those smelly marijuana odours good-bye.

You can also add in some flavours and completely cover the smell, but this might ruin the true flavour profile of your amazing bud.

If you’re looking at giving up smoking completely, you can always eat your cannabis, with lots of devices making it super simple to cook with marijuana.

For those not willing to let go of smoking their bud, there’s always a sploof.

What’s A Sploof?

We’ve glad you asked! A sploof is a device that you exhale smoke into it, and out comes clean air. You can make your own home made versions, or you can purchase one...

Yeah, we’ll get one soon enough! We’re going to need you to calm down.

Another investment you could make is an air purifier. These little machines come in various sizes. So, it’s really up to you which you choose.

But what if you have no time at all!

Well, we’re going to get dramatic!

Getting Dramatic About That Cannabis Smell!

So, you’re annoyed that you had to read this whole thing to get to the final solutions. If you need to cover the smell with a few minutes to spare – burn popcorn. Nothing smells as strongly as burnt popcorn.

If you’re in need of a joint while trying to keep it secret, smoke in the shower. This Hawaiian Hotbox will ensure the smell is dissipated into the water and down the drain.

But generally speaking, keep everything stored correctly, wash regularly, and honestly smoking outside isn’t going to kill you.

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