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Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Winners 2021 And Their Crops

Another year and more Zootly Cannabis Cup Winners!

That’s right! So who took the top spots for locally grown strains?

After all! Local is lekker…

Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Local Genetics!

Our third runner up in local genetics was Sour Cake, which was grown and bred by @Umthunzi_Garden.

Second place went to Peanut Butter Sherb Breath from, which was grown by @phezulu_smoke.

And top spot went to Umthunzi Garden’s Garlic Cake. Which means two of the top three positions were taken by the same grower and genetics! We have to visit your grow setup and learn some of the tricks of the trade from you soon.

Then, for international genetics!

Zootly’s Cannabis Cup International Genetics!

While we love everything local, we also crave those international flavours!

The third place went to @dacha_afrika, who grew Terple by In House Genetics. Dacha Afrika also offers complete medical cannabis and hemp product solutions, as well as consultations. If their green thumb is anything to go by – they know their stuff.

Second place was grown by @seven_blade_cannabis. Also a medical cannabis provider, once again, we highly recommend them. And although there are no direct sales to the public from them, all their crops are research and development and local off-take and export off-take.

And top prize went to Colt… that’s all we know about them. No profiles to share. But we do know they used In House Genetic’s Frosted Apricots.

Our mystery person is really the best grower in South Africa.

And like that, it’s all over. But then again, there’s always next year! Also, if you want a recap of last year’s winners take a trip in time below, and if you want to read what they won, you can do so – here.

And yes, all artwork was provided by Bushy Wopp!

Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Winners 2020!

Zootly's Cannabis Cup Judging
Cannabis Cup

After months of blood, sweat, and tears under the harsh grow lights, we have winners of Zootly’s Cannabis Cup!

Once again, we have to send out a massive congratulations to Team Dank SA. You should follow them, they worked wonders! And look at how great their grow light looks!

Their winning strains was President Seed’s WW3. The judges described it as “simply mesmerising” and “the best cannabis in South Africa!”

What does the best crop in South Africa look like? Well, lucky for you, we got a master of photography to snap some epic cannabis shots!

The judges really loved the look, feel, fragrance, taste, and effect the grower was able to get out of this strain.

Team Dank SA, being the epic professional grower, also submitted his crop of Putin’s Punch… and while it didn’t punch its way through to the top spots… It was still a beauty!

And yes, we did take some shots of it! We took pictures of all the Cannabis Cup submissions.

But who came in second? Well!

2nd Place Cannabis Cup Winner – Cuban Zulu Grows

Another submission of WW3 had the judges begging for more from Cuban Zulu Grows!

We knew, when seeing this footage in October, that we were in for a treat!

And when it arrived at our offices, everyone could see – THIS IS SOME GOOD SH!T!

Since you walked away with a R2 500 voucher from Zootly, we’re sure you’ll put your prize to good use at Cape Town’s Best Grow Shop!

But who got the third place prize of a voucher valued at R1 100 from President Seeds?

3rd Place Cannabis Cup Winner – Brendz Vape!

We’re not sure if the crew at Zootly is more impressed by his bud or his sneakers. Whichever you choose, both are dank AF!

When our eyes graced this amazing bud online, we knew that this was a winner. Just look at it!

And did it look good on it’s photo shoot! Whoo-Whee! Now this is what we call a Royal Wedding Cake!

And like that the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup was all wrapped up!

We feel like no one is a loser, especially us, when it comes to growing marijuana! And the quality of bud was truly amazing!

The Zootly crew spent hours snapping pictures of the amazing submissions!

Don’t believe us! Well here are some more entrants!

Everyone’s Sort of A Cannabis Cup Winner! When Growing Their Own!

From the zootly Shop

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