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Zootly's Cannabis Cup Judging Begins

One Week To Go Till Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Starts Judging!

Yes, Zootly’s Cannabis Cup hits a new milestone – the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Judging!

As you would know by now if you follow us, the competition was extended by two weeks. And we’ve been watching the growers working some serious magic with their President Seeds strains!

Now we move from tasting the excitement to literally tasting it! But what are the criteria for judging?

Who are Zootly Cannabis Cup Judges?

Zootly Cannabis Cup Judging!

You might not be aware of this, but we’ve recruited a few cannabis enthusiasts. They are:

Judges are going to be using a scorecard to ensure they don’t drift off without marking down their thoughts…

What does this judging sheet look like and what are the listed requirements for these dank submissions?

What are the Zootly Cannabis Cup Judging Requirements?

The Zootly Cannabis Cup Judges will be judging each amazing submission in four categories and will rate each out of 10. 10 being fantastic, 1 being the fact you’ve shanked this crop and you should just burn it in a bonfire.

When all the amounts have been added together the best marks out of 40 win.

Yes, we are super professional!

Let’s talk about the first category!

Look and Feel

Unlike a dumb Pinterest board for your ideas about your gender-reveal party, this look and feel matters! And won’t burn down a forest…


The first thing the judges will be looking for is the frostiness of the trichomes on the bud. Is it sticky? Then, the density of the head, is it dense enough to do weight training with, or is it fluffier than cotton-candy?

Next, we take into account your manicuring abilities? Have you given your bud a lovely top, back, and sides? Have you left in some seeds and “bananas”?

After going over these aspects, is it disease free, and what are the colours like?

When the judges have given their rating out of 10, then it’s time to judge the fragrance.


Smell that cannabis!

With anything delicious, like cannabis, you need to rate its aroma. The judges have a list of fragrances they’ll be looking for. These include whether they can smell:

  • A fruity;
  • Spicy;
  • Minty;
  • Sweet;
  • Musky;
  • Skunky;
  • Or sour fragrance.

Once the inspection portion of the judging is done. It’s time to grab that lighter.


Cannabis taste!

Now, this is why judging is going to take a few days. The judges will be required to taste these submissions. It’s a tough job, but a select group needs to do it…

What are they looking for? Well, the flavour of the bud, is there a smoothness to the smoke, and is there an expansion of taste?

Also, the judge’s taste bud’s will be on the lookout for whether they can tell if you flushed your crop before harvest, and they’ll also be using their eyes to monitor how the cannabis burns. Does it burn evenly, or is it all over the place like your mom at the GAME store entrance on Black Friday!

Sorry… Now the next step is to rate the high!


Cannabis effects...

The Zootly Cannabis judges will be judging and recording their highs. How has your marijuana’s THC effected them?

Are they feeling spaced/zoned out? Can they jump up and down due to the energetic high. Maybe they’re feeling a little less emo as the strain has been a pick me up!

After judging these four criteria the judges can make notes about each test. But what these notes will be we’ll have to see!

Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Judging Stage To Start Soon!

I’ve been watching closely all the social media posts from all the Zootly Cannabis Cup’s faithful. And to say that I’m excited to start judging is an understatement. I am like a child before Christmas day, except I know for a fact Father Christmas has left exactly what I want in my stocking!

Chris Landman, Co-Owner and Legend of Zootly.

But for now, get ready for Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Judging Stage!

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