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Zootly's Cannabis Cup Winners!

Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – Gets Extended And More!

If you’re unaware, the powers that be at Zootly have declared that there’s to be an extension to the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – South Africa’s Greatest Cannabis Competition!

The submissions are now required by 14 November 2020.

Here’s the official lowdown from Toking Tylor:

As she said:

Hi Zootly Canna-Fam!

Here’s a quick update on what’s going on with the Zootly Cannabis Cup at the moment. We’ve been seeing some awesome bud being grown by you guys and I’m sure you’re stoked to make your submissions. So, we’re going to EXTEND the submission date by another two weeks. Giving you guys until 14 November…”

Toking Tylor, Zootly Weed Reviewer and Cannabis Fan!

Right, so here are the top players we’ve spotted on social media.


Damn, look at that Royal Wedding Cake. We agree those nuggets are stacked together more densely than a Game store on Black Friday.

Grown in coco-peat, this wedding cake is good enough for anyone’s table – even Harry and Meg’s!

Can we say, we appreciate the use of gourmet gloves. Classy AF!


All we can say when scrolling through High Times’ CPT photos is…

Call us FROSTY THE HIGH-MEN! ‘Cause we want to cover ourselves in those frosty buds!

Zootly Crew

Yep, this self-proclaimed “stoner and amateur grower” is going to have to change their BIO to:

High Times CPT is a professional snowmaker – able to whip up the perfect amount of frosting when armed with the right genetics!

We love it when the OG BOB gets to show off her natural talents.


Well, who knew that the signs of WW3 coming would be this ATOMIC SIZED NUGGET!

We’re mesmerized by those orange trichomes! And honestly, can’t wait to see them up close to take in those sweet-sweet aromas.

Then again, there hasn’t been a bad batch in the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup crop.

That’s because you guys are awesome!


To My Cousin Phil, we believe your busy night of trimming and all your efforts have been worth it!

That Gelato bin Ladin looks fantastic, and we appreciate you using gloves! Super Pro – 9000!

And your bio is bang on;

Turning beans into dreams!

My Cousin Phil, Independent Plant and Dream Cultivator*

*Yeah, we thought you should also be known for growing dreams!

What Can You Next Expect From Zootly’s Cannabis Cup?

We could share accounts, stories, and pictures all day! But we’re now entering into the last stages of the competition. So, now comes the judging!

Let’s just say, you should keep an eye open for what’s coming next!

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