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All Week Long: Cannabis Black Friday

Our Cannabis Black Friday Sale Starts Next Week – And Lasts For A Week!

We know you’re over all the Black Friday hype circulating, but this is a CANNABIS BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

So, this time the hype is worth it! No, we’re not going to just be throwing around random discounts, nor have we been busy marking down the product prices on our website to make it seem like you’re getting a better deal…

No, you’re getting a deal – 100% for one person on one item a day!

What exactly will we be marking down? Well, we can only hint at what we’re marking down – there has to be some gimmick involved!

Cannabis Black Friday And The Hunt For 100% OFF!


Well, unlike Willy Wonka, everyone following our Instagram account and subscribed to our newsletter will get the unique code! All you need to do is solve the poorly written riddle about what item that code works with! Add the item to your shopping cart, put in the code, and if you’re first – BOOM!

YOU GET 100%!

Yes, rather exciting stuff!

Yep, I was going to recruit my cousin Goldie for something about a Golden Owl, but she drinks, so is unreliable and we went with the code…

Mascot and unprofessional motivational speaker, Zootly the Owl.

But look at us giving away things for 100% off!

So, how would you get ahead of the competition with this week-long Cannabis Black Friday sale?! Simple!



Well, if you were in the dark before this post, now you know. Just sign up to our emailer/newsletter. While we don’t spam our client’s inboxes, we do strive to share useful information and so much more!

Like, we’re always giving away promo codes, because we’re all about sharing the cannabis love. So, sign up now!

And remember, every day for Black Friday Week we’ll be sharing a riddle with those who’ve signed up to our newsletter.

Right into your mailbox, every morning!

That means you’ll be able to cash in on a 100% coupon, from the comfort of your own bed, or toilet, or whatever your morning ritual entails.

And if you’re thinking,

I think the prices are extremely fair, and I want those things now!

A made-up client…

Well, you can just go about your usual shopping.

From the zootly Shop

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