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Grow Your Own

Why everyone should grow their own cannabis in South Africa!

Since 18 September 2018 the South African Constitutional Court decriminalised the use and cultivation of cannabis in a private space – or grow your own. While this is rather old news there’s still loads of confusion of what is exactly legal and not.

We spoke about this subject before, here, and here! The last news to report on is/was the new drafted Cannabis Bill. Which isn’t the official law as yet.

Generally speaking, South Africa has been rather busy with a number of issues. Namely, COVID.

But one concrete fact we can rest assured with is that you can grow your own supply of cannabis.

While there’s still no definite figures about how many plants you can grow, and the fact that a lot of these laws are up for the arresting officer to decide on, we’d recommend growing two plants per person in your home.

As that’s what was stipulated in the recent drafted cannabis bill. More than this and you could be tied into a tough time, as the legalities of cannabis consumption in South Africa is still being determined.

All said and done, you should always try and stay within the legal limits. The short version, grow only two plants.

While growing your own supply is legal, why else should you grow cannabis? Well…

You know where your stash comes from

In the past when stocking up on your supply you met someone in a dark parking lot and quickly made tracks in the opposite direction. There was never time to chat about whether it was organically grown? Or what you were purchasing even.

Now you can be 100% sure exactly what you’re sticking into your pipe and smoking. And to be frank, having this huge blind spot when it comes to something you’re smoking can be problematic.

So, when you’re lighting up your new The Pot Piper Red Pipe, you can be sure your own supply is organic.

Cannabis is very fragrant

There’s nothing better than walking through your garden and smelling the sweet aromas of the marijuana plant. Cannabis plants along with many other have terpenes, these are the aromatic compounds found in other plants. These plants include, pine, lavender, basil, and fresh orange peels.

So, if you are a gardener who loves smelling their garden then cannabis is plant worth growing.

Growing plants is therapy

Plants have been known to help with stress, anxiety and depression. The general habit of just taking care of them is good distraction from the 9-5 hustle and bustle.

There are also a number of new studies that say growing plants help:

  • Boost creativity
  • Increase productivity
  • Better concentration and memory
  • And facilitate healing.

And remember this is before you smoke or eat it.

Grow your own now!

If you were undecided about whether or not to grow your own cannabis plants, remember you don’t even need to eat or smoke it. You can legally grow it for the fun of it.

For us, that’s really the only reason to grow it. Because it’s fun.

z00tly says: “Thanks, but I’m here for the smoking session!”

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