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Can you feel it? Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021 is here!

Yes! Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021 has returned and Zootly the mascot can’t contain his excitement!


Zootly the owl!

As we hinted in your last teaser post there’s a lot at stake here! Namely just a ton of prizes! Which are being donated by our awesome sponsors!

Who are these sponsors and what prizes are they giving you?

Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021 Prizes and Sponsors

Our main sponsor this year is kind of a big deal, they are the grow light kings, California LightWorks! They have given us two lighting rigs, or the California LightWorks SolarXtreme 500! Along with a full indoor setup worth R17,000 each.

These are our two top prizes for our 2 main genetic growing categories: Local and International Strains!

Yeah! There’s two growing categories where you can grow whatever you like!

Then next main sponsor is Biltong and Budz, who will be sponsoring the second place winners’ prizes in both categories… R5000 in marijuana seeds!

You read that correctly, and these strains include:

  • FastBuds 420,
  • Kosher Cake Auto,
  • DNA Genetics R.K.S,
  • Royal Queen Seeds Royal Medic CBD,
  • MosTight Lemon Meringue,
  • Exotigenetix Hoe Down,
  • Blimburn Mamba Negra Auto,
  • Ripper Seeds K.Mintz,
  • Dutch Passion Bubba Island Kush,
  • Barney’s Farm Vanilla Kush,
  • Massmedicalstrains Fivestar,
  • Purple City Genetics Saltwater OG auto,
  • And Sincity Seeds!

Next sponsor for third prize in the Local Category is Freedom Farms, South Africa’s best craft soil! They’ve decided to go all out with their R3400 hamper!

It includes:

  • Two Premium Classic Soil Bags,
  • A Microlife (1L),
  • One Sea Weed (1L),
  • A Live Probiotics (1L),
  • Two Fire Juice (500ml),
  • A bag of Formula 1 Soil,
  • One F1 Essentials (1L),
  • An F1 Calmag (1L), 
  • One Seedstarter, 
  • Three 20L Freedom Pots, 
  • Three 10L velcro Freedom Pots,
  • A Freedom Farms Cap,
  • And a Freedom Farms T-Shirt!

Basically their entire range of products!

The next sponsor is Cheeba Cannabis Academy! They will be giving to the third place winner in the International Category a Cannabis 101 Fundamentals Bundle Course valued at R2900!

While there are prizes for the top three in two categories, there’s now also another category!

Surprise a rosin competition!

That’s right! For the first time ever Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021 will be opening a category for South Africa’s Hottest Rosin!

The winner takes all as first prize wins a 5 ton Bulldog Rosin Press valued at R7000! Yep! 

Bulldog Rosin Press is the main sponsor of this category and we’re so pleased to have them in the fold!

Our last sponsors are 4Score Vapes! Currently, we’re still waiting on their devices to land in South Africa. So that you know – they come with a lifetime guarantee on their batteries. Which is something you don’t see very often!

And now, let’s see what everyone gets by entering! YEAH! YOU GET MERCH!


Yes, we are the Oprahs of the South African cannabis scene, just throwing gifts here, there, and everywhere!

By simply buying an entry into any category you get:

  • A Zootly’s Cannabis Cup draw string bag;
  • An incredible Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Official Growers T-shirt;
  • One fantastic Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Official Growers Sticker;
  • A WW3 feminised seed from President Seeds (ZCC 2020 Cup Winner);
  • Also your pack could contain merchandise from our official sponsors!

For the rosin category you also receive a silicon jar, and we ship this to you – FOR FREE!

Now, what are the rules to entering?

Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021 Rules! Follow them!

For the flower sections the rules are as follows:

  • Any strain can be entered. Also, you do not need to be the breeder, only the grower – they’ll get their own crown later.
  • This crop must be grown, harvested, cured, and submitted by the entrant – SO NO CHEATING. Also, it is illegal to purchase marijuana.
  • Your submission must be 15g of dry, cured, and manicured flower in a sealed glass jar or Terploc bag, so you can get it to us by 01 November 2021. So, if you’re based in Benoni make sure to send it a bit earlier. Yes, you can include humidity control sachets in your jar! Aren’t you a doll!
  • If your entry does not make the top 7 (no need to cry), you will have the option to collect your flower after the first round of judging. We’d suggest smoking it!

The rosin category has slightly different rules and dates, these are as follows:

  • First the cannabis must be grown, harvested, pressed, and submitted by the entrant.
  • Submissions must be 2g of rosin. Your entry must be sent through in the silicon jar, which we will provide in your entry pack! More about that pack later. Please write your name and the strain name of your homegrown on this jar. This needs to be with us by Monday, 2 August 2021.
  • If your entry does not make the top 5, you will have the option to collect your rosin after the first round of judging. After all, you worked hard to grow it and press it! But why do all this work? THE PRIZE!

So, how does one decide these outcomes? Well…


As you’d expect Zootly has done this right. We’ve searched high and low for professional adjudicators – who are South Africa’s leading cannabis experts. All of them will be judging your bud for the following criteria:

Aesthetics: trichome development, resin production, bud density, and manicuring.

The Smell: is it fragrant?

Taste: we want to make sure that it is a tasty harvest.

And finally, the effect, the strength, and feelings of the high.

In the initial rounds of adjudication it will be strictly about the aesthetics and smell. As there’s no way we can smoke all that weed within a realistic time frame!

Once the top 7 have been finalised, then the judges will have two weeks to sample the top buds. This will all be done through blind tasting, with each flower being given a number.

For the rosin category we’ll also be testing for the same factors!

So, that was a lot of information to take in. All we can say is – ENTER NOW! Let’s get South Africa’s Largest Cannabis Cup underway!

AND THERE’S MORE TO COME! Like who are these judges?

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