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Cannabis Artists

Meet Zootly’s Cannabis Artists! And learn more about them!

For the regular Zootly fan, you’d have noticed some exciting new designs on our grinders and bongs! While we were tempted to open up Paint on Derek’s computer, we decided to hire South Africa’s best Cannabis Artists instead!

…Or designers, artists, illustrators, muralists, and painters. These guys are at the top of their game! The two artists we hired were Jonty Hurd and Chad Hanning AKA: Bushy Wopp.

We sent them some easy to answer questions. I mean we were going to send them some hard ones, but decided not to. As that would have been mean…

But their work for us speaks for itself! It’s better than any of the team could have expected. And if you’re in the market for some epic designs, we think you should shoot them a message.

Now, let’s roll into the questions for our Cannabis Artists!

What inspires your design work?

“A lot of my work is inspired by music, relationships with people, and daily life.

I was about 14 years old when I got into mural art, that’s when I painted my first wall.

I got into design and illustration as a career choice after school, and graffiti has had a big influence on my design work and my design work has a big influence on my graffiti and murals.” – Bushy Wopp.

“I find a lot of inspiration from other creative forms. Things like music, skateboarding culture, gaming, architecture, fine art, fashion.

Psychedelics also play a role in my art. I naturally tend to incorporate surreal ideas into my work.

I want to create art that sparks the viewer’s imagination. Colour is also a big player in my work. I’m inspired heavily by nature in that sense. Spending time in the sticks can give you all the colour inspiration you could ever need.” Jonty Hurd.

By Jonty Hurd, “How it feels when I skate.”

Who are your favourite designers out there?

Bushy Wopp decided to mention some of his favourite designers:

  • Toni Riff,
  • Nychos,
  • Flying Fortress,
  • Lugo,
  • Muretz,
  • Daan Botlek,
  • Zro,
  • And Crack.

While Jonty gave a shout out to some of his friends,

“Suspicious Object (Julia Petrova), Bryce Louw (a good friend of mine). From Software (My favourite game developer), Georgina Taylor, Leon Karssen. There are so many!”

If you smoke cannabis, how do you consume it? And if you enjoy CBD let us know as well!

Both artists were not current users of the marijuana. But, we’re not here to play the, “you have to smoke it game”. Peer-pressure sucks! You-do-you boo!

Anyway! Back the artists!

I enjoy CBD products at night before bed and an occasional THC oil.

Bushy Wopp
Just a side note: Bushy does not endorse our CBD products. Or consume it. We just decided to post an image of it here…

And with Jonty, it’s been time to ease up. We respect that, as once again, we’re not about peer pressure!

I’ve smoked weed for the last 10 years on a daily basis – but – for the last 6 months I’ve been taking a break and enjoying being sober. I love weed though, it’s taught me a lot. Normally, I smoked spliffs.

Jonty Hurd
Artwork by Jonty Hurd again!

If you like what you see remember to buy it! So we can keep hiring new cannabis artists to do their thing!

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