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Zootly Diaries #2: An idea sprouts

Date: Mid 2018

After reading Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week, it dawned on me that there’s a real need to take all my business opportunities online. I needed to learn digital marketing, e-commerce, and even how to source stock via the web.

When I started my working life, importing and exporting tyres from Zimbabwe, you had to be able to fly over to the suppliers in the east and conduct face-to-face negotiations.

Now, all you need is an internet connection, browse Alibaba, and get the product shipped to your premises. 

It was this need to go online that eventually opened the door to meeting Chris.

Chris’s digital business was booming, and I could see that he was a young and driven man. One day we were having a discussion about the surging industry that would be the cannabis industry. After all, it’s the next billion-rand industry.

So, after a few beers, we found that we had similar interests and decided to do business together. This happened on the same day that the Canadians declared recreational use of cannabis legal, 17 October 2018. 

With Chris’s experience in the digital field and my interest in the realm, we were ready to do some work.

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