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Zootly Dairies #10: Paging Dr Greenthumb

After months of blood-sweat-and-tears, the California Lightworks lights are now in stock. They are the best LED grow lights in SA. Also, we’re excited for our own Dr Greenthumb. More on that later.  

The Rush

Sales in August start with a bang. This is due, in part, to a surge in social media traffic and a blog one of our writers, Mr Macfarlane, wrote. There is quite a bit of foot traffic coming through the doors.

In mid-August, Dr David Long, a local grow guru, soil master, and our own Dr Greenthumb begins working for Zootly.

He is the mastermind in developing the all in one grow station, The Zootly’s Nest. It has the perfect mix of nutrients and soil mediums. Also the doctor’s “bedside manner” is excellent, helping with customers and numerous errands in setting up the shop.

In short, let’s just say, he is diligent and we believe he has a bright future. Now working on the Zootly soil brand. It should be mentioned as well, customers dig him. Some just visit the store just for hugs from the man himself.

But, two weeks after the blog is published, the foot traffic suddenly slows down, to a trickle of people.

The crew start to ask questions. Example: “How do we now start recouping our investment?” 

The Long September

September is a struggle. How are we going to create enough sales?

But on the 1st of the month, Sune joins the team as the rose amongst the thorns. Her role is building our website, digital and physical brand building.

The official e-commerce site is launched after weeks of work. 

Still Sourcing With Dr David 

During August and September, we are earnestly trying to develop a Zootly CBD range. Scouring product details and prices from all over the world. 

Then, because we know that dry herb vapes are the future,  we locate a few great local and international suppliers. Because we know you want them. 

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