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Zootly Bongs

Bong-Bong-Bong BONGS! Let’s talk about them!

We love bongs. The crew at Zootly have literally travelled the world to find the best-of-the-best. Also, we’ve created our own range of bongs!

But first let’s talk about a rather special glass range!

Envy Glass Designs

Yep, Envy Glass Designs does make one hell of a good looking bong! These beauties are handblown in a design studio in Southern California. Which means they are very cool.

For those who like the classic look, and toke, these are perfect. Some of the bongs they’ve designed are straight out of a fantasy novel.

When we switch off the lights at night in our store, we often think,

I’m sure the goblins have creeped out the shadows and are hitting those Envy Glass units hard…

A Tired Employee

But if you’re looking for something really fancy!

Eyce Bongs

We’ve spoken about the exciting world of Eyce Bongs – here! They are rather brilliant!

Currently we stock the Eyce Beaker, Mini, and the Mould 2.0.

The Eyce range is made from silicone. Or as they refer to it, Platinum-Cured Silicone, which is a tough and rugged material you can literally bounce around.

And if you were wondering, the silicone is also FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, so you know it’s food safe. Which in turn means it is a smoke safe.

All Eyce products come with little extras that every true cannabis fan loves.

What other bongs does Zootly stock… Well, we made our own bongs!

The Zootly Ceramic Bong!


The Zootly team dreamt about this bong for years, then one day they decided…


So, with no idea where to begin they started the journey of creating the Zootly Ceramic Bong.

The first step was to do a design of the bong, then it was time to 3D print it. Once the bong was printed, it needed to be made into a mould which was done by a wonderfully professional person. Who is really remarkable, like the best… (AKA: the writer’s wife).

Then it was time to test it. Turns out the original mouth piece was a little too large. So, everything had to start over.

But when the second prototype was completed…

The clouds parted. You could hear the singing angels – AND – a ray of light beamed from the heavens to highlight the majestic beauty of the Zootly Bong. It was a miracle!

Andrew Macfarlane, Eyewitness

Every bong is handmade and the ceramic makes it easy to clean. Also, it’s so good looking, that it could easily live in the middle of dinning room table.

But now, there’s an exciting new range of Glass Zootly Bongs… they are epic!

Glass Zootly Bongs!

Made from best quality glass, borosilicate glass! They are extra thick which is great.

If you were looking at the designs thinking,

Rad designs!

Zootly decided to recruit the best local designers to do their thing!

And the results are these cool designs. We think these are rather special. Like buying art, but you can smoke it!

If you’re just visiting South Africa, and want a cool travel memento from your time in the Mother City – these bongs are rad!

Actually, it’s perfect for the local as well… because they are cool!

And like that, we’re all done talking about our bongs… FOR NOW!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and fan of the new Zootly bongs.

z00tly says: “This range is epic. Just a whole bunch of heavy hitters.”

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