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Valentines Day Stoner Picnics

Valentines’ Day Stoner Picnic Spots!

Right, so the day of love is upon us and, as usual, you’ve planned nothing. And no, when your partner says, “I don’t do Valentines’ Day…” that’s a test! So, go on a Valentines’ Day Stoner Picnic!

And we’ve already compiled a list of Cannabis love gifts! Always remember, gifts matter.

Let’s start with the top spots in Joburg!

Stoner Picnics In Johannesburg!

Valentines' Day Stoner Stops In Joburg!

Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden

Arguably, and according to other write-ups, this is the best spot in Egoli. So, this isn’t the most original suggestion, which means get up early and do the romancing later on!

The gate opens at 09:00 and closes at 18:00 due to the world and stuff. So, plan accordingly. But the rolling lawns, lovely shady tress, abundant wildlife, and waterfall, will be the romantic setting any stoner will want to chill in all day!

Get your travel pack ready and remember, consuming in public is still illegal. There, we’ve done the legal thing! Next suggestion!

Modderfontein Reserve

This is every nature baby’s dream! There’s also a new drive to plant 5000 indigenous shrubs and trees.

The reserve is dedicated to maintaining a low environmental impacted. So, if you bring it in, take it out with you, and ensure you leave the reserve in a better shape than you found it.

There is ample space in the private reserve and it features a number of dams, hills, and a grassland. This means you can really cherry pick the romantic setting to light up the mood.

Now, to the coast! Or Durban!

Stoner Picnics In Durban!

Durban Botanic Gardens

If you were thinking that Kirstenbosch was Africa’s oldest Botanic Garden, YOU’RE WRONG! That honour would go to Durban Botanic Gardens.

As cannabis fans, we’re sure you’re interested in the multiple showcases on display that include:

  • Orchids
  • Palms
  • Cycads
  • Lake area
  • Sunken Garden
  • Butterfly Habitat Garden
  • And Arboretum (trees).

They say on their website that all areas are accessible for picnics unless they are reserved for a specific event.

Right, there are many other places to go, like Mitchell Park and the Japanese Gardens, but we thought…

“Hey what about PE?”

A Stoner’s Picnic In Port Elizabeth!

Addo Elephant National Park

Yeah! You can visit the park as a day visitor and take a lovely picnic basket.

There’s a designated picnic spot at Jack’s Picnic Spot, but viewing majestic creatures is what every stoner wants to do!

Feel like most stoner’s are organic people.

But this is really an opportunity of a lifetime. So, take advantage this Valentines’ Day!

Now, as Zootly’s store is based in Cape Town, let’s talk about some picnic spots in the Mother City.

Stoner Picnics In Cape Town!

Sure, we could go on and on about picnic spots here, but they are the same locations we mentioned in our piece about 5 Cape Town “Cannabis” Hikes For Adventurous Stoners.

So, let’s go for the beach option…

Llandudno beach

Sheltered from the infamous South-Easter, be warned that if you want a good spot – go early. Especially as this Valentines’ Day Stoner Picnic is taking place on a Sunday.

The perfect time to set up your picnic would be an hour or so before sunset.

But, what if you’re not mad about dusty mountain trails and sandy beaches… GOD THEN JUST GO TO A WHINE FARM!

You big whining baby! Don’t even feel like giving you the last suggestion! But here we are!

Klein Roosboom

Arguably Cape Town’s best kept secret, Klein Roosboom is a fantastic Durbanville-located picnic venue.

And if you’re feeling wild, you can book a party-bike adventure! Note, this “party-bike” is like a rolling bar counter you pedal around the vineyards listening to music. So, now you can include the entire friend group.

Yeah, we see them Valentine’s haters!

The grass area also has a nice shade sail, and booze is available from the drinks-truck.

You can visit their website for more info. And FYI, don’t be a crazy stoner near the public, there’s plenty of walks through the vineyards.

And we’re not affiliated with them in anyway… except that the writer’s mother is constantly walking her dogs there.

Anyway! We hope you have a fantastic day with the people you love!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and travelogue writer.

z00tly says: “I haven’t got anything planned this Valentines’ Day, I might just take a quick flight to Table Mountain and view the love birds up there…”

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