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Cannabis Love Gifts!

Top gifts to share your cannabis love!

It’s officially the month of love! And those who love cannabis are packing their bongs with what they love!

But what would make this moment more special? Sure, maybe sharing a meaningful sentiment, expressing truth, honesty, and love from the heart… but honestly a gift will do!

And before we go any further! This month we’re doing something special!


Zootly CBD Chocolate

Yep! For the month of love, when you spend over R500 in store or online, you will receive a Zootly CBD Chocolate!

Why would we do this? BECAUSE YOU LOVE YOU GUYS!

Anyway! There’s honestly nothing better than being able to give your loved one a cannabis gift with a yummy chocolate.

Now, to other gifts!

Canache Premium CBD infused Caramels!

CBD love! Canache Premium CBD infused

If you were looking to indulge your loved one with something truly special, Canache Premium CBD infused caramels are perfect!

Locally made, these delectable caramels with a sprinkle of Cape sea salt, are dipped in dark chocolate!

Then, because we’re all about those cannabinoids, they infuse only the purest CBD extract.

We’re sure these will fly off the shelf if you don’t hurry and buy it now!

Then again, maybe you want something that will keep things a little more artistic this Valentine’s Day!

Envy Glass Designs

It’s official, Zootly stocks Envy Glass Bongs for all South Africans! The entire range of glass bongs is something out of a whimsical story book. After toking one of these bad boys, you’ll be visiting the land of OZ down the yellow brick road!

Or something like that? I mean, you-do-you! At the moment we stock three types of Envy Glass bongs, the Beaker, Dab Rig, and Straight Bong.

These are made in California, and are all hand blown. Which means some dude or dudette put a lot of time into this.

Don’t go around smashing it! Gosh! If you know your Valentine cannabis lover is into all things magical, then maybe a beautiful Envy Glass Bong is for them!

Also, currently, they are all on sale. So… get that deal now!


And look at this! Another new product on the shelves of Zootly! Look at Chris going mad with the company credit card!

But for those looking at getting your love one to unwind and relax, these CBD pens work wonders!

africanpure™ has two options, the Unwind and Uplift Vape pens. Both deliver 250mg of CBD. For the Uplift Vape pen, you can expect a refreshing citrus flavour while the Unwind has some amazing strawberries and cream flavours.

They do suggest two three-second puffs for a dose, and that you shouldn’t exceed 24 puffs per day (or the 20mg of CBD a day).

And if you were wondering, the Uplift and Unwind last around 12 days – so longer than an avocado!

For those scratching their heads, why would you vape CBD? Vaping allows for quick, easy access to those sweet-sweet CBD cannabinoids.

Final note: this has no nicotine, or any tobacco derivatives.

And if you buy both pens from our Kloof Street shop you will score our amazing CBD chocolate!

Cannabis Lovers – Love Cannabis Gifts!

To be honest, your cannabis lover will love any gift you get them this month of love.

But we feel like you can break the norms and buy them a lovely ice cold Eyce Mould Bong, maybe “acting cold” will help heat up the mood!

Cannabis and love have a deeper chemical connection, which we’ve discussed before, here.

Anyway! You do you!

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, gardener, writer, and fan of Valentine’s Day.

z00tly says: “Feel like this is the season where I invite some birds to my nest… make some chicks if you get my drift…”

From the zootly Shop

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