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Munchies for the health-conscious stoner on Kloof!

Most stoners like to get baked and order something fried for their munchies. But what if you’re looking for something a little more health-conscious?

Something with none of those additives, trans-fats, and the long lists of artificial “sugars”! Well, we’re here to say,

Scheckter’s Raw!

While many health-conscious eaters will be well-acquainted with their Regent Road store in Sea Point, many will be super pleased to know – there’s also one in Kloof!

Where is this health food gem hiding? Well, wrapped up in another health icon – the Wellness Warehouse in the Lifestyle Centre.

Scheckter’s Raw promises to deliver imaginative and unlimited health food offerings. Food that is nutritionally uncompromised, looks fantastic, and tastes amazing!

It’s more of a culinary experience! Especially, because they know what’s possible with the right ingredients.

The Conscious Kitchen

As the name of this establishment indicates, it’s very conscious about everything it does.

In their own words:

We are striving for the most conscious way of eating, producing and consuming. From the suppliers we buy our fruit and veggies from, to the farmers that grow them, to the packaging we use, and the staff we hire. In everything we do, we ask ourselves the question: “How can we do this in the most conscious way?”. For us that means eating mostly plants, no processed foods and refined sugars. It also means staying away from plastic and other non-biodegradable packaging. It includes recycling, limiting wastage, and paying fair wages to our staff.

To be honest, if you were feeling guilty about anything, you should visit this amazing shop. They also support an amazing program of community of farmers, Umthunzi Farming Community.

What’s Umthunzi Farming Community?

Well, look at you asking about things! Right, in their own words…

Umthunzi Community Farms is a social business working in the Cape Town food system. We currently work with 75 small-scale organic farmers from across the Cape Flats.

Umthunzi Farming Community

If you’re looking for an amazing food program for buying your own veg in Cape Town, sign up.

You won’t need to leave the house for your health-conscious meals!

Note: our writer has visited some of these farms and our Zootly growers could learn a thing or two from these amazing individuals.

But honestly, do something good for yourself and others. Order now!

Anyway, this was about Kloof Street…

Nü Health Food

Ok, so this is a franchise and your hipster sensibilities are hurting.

No! Commercial things suck!

Generic Hipster

But you know what, you’re wrong with this assumption. Nü Foods is great!

In the company’s own words,

Our nutritional philosophy follows forward-thinking science & food trends as well as sourcing nutritionally dense ingredients from local suppliers – eat global, source local. We focus on serving up meals that are rich in minerals, antioxidants, fibres and phytonutrients. To do this we use only the finest local produce. Nü is for a new me. A healthier me.

Nü Food Website

It is situated in the new centre, Kloof Street Village, which we’re certain to talk about more in the future.

For now, there you have it, come try some health-conscious food options to address those munchies.

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and not a fan of almond milk

z00tly says: “I’ve been looking for something a little more organic for my dinners in the tree.”

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