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Cannabis Things With Andrew

Zootly Dairies #13: Cannabis Things Our Writer Owns From Our Shop

Hello all, Andrew here, Zootly’s blog writer. As the writer for Zootly I am constantly telling you about all the cannabis things. But what have I purchased from the Zootly store?

Things, I’ve bought many things! And they’ve all been rad. Not like buying a terrible item from a 24 hour online shop, ALL THE CANNABIS THINGS have been great!

Let’s break down what I actually spent money on!

Zootly Fabric Pots!

I am a huge fan of Zootly’s Fabric Pots. After writing a blog about the benefits of the fabric pot, I become interested.

Once I owned one… I become a believer! So much so, I now have 6 of them scattered around my yard. Also, THEY ARE STUPIDLY CHEAP! Like rather-than-splashing-out-on-chips-I-buy-a-grow-bag type of money.

Most of them actually have other types of plants in them and they are loving life.

I’ve honestly nearly bought a few for my mom because they have all the following benefits:

The roots self-prune, there’s more crop (more plant, whatever you stick into it), as well as better air and drainage! Below is my homegrown avocado tree.

Anyway! What else have I splashed cash on?

Zootly’s CBD Spray for Humans and Dogs

Stoner Dog Walks With Kenny

Yep, my dogs are big stoners. Especially my Kenny, the best dog in the world. Kenny had a rash and became very upset.

We took him to the vet and they prescribed him cortisone, but due to the fact the animal has pancreatic issues this wasn’t a long-term solution. In any case it didn’t help. Nothing did.

This meant it was time to change over to something alternative.

Starting off on a low dose of THC coco butter, he was ok within a few days. But since he loved the high, he started to chase people in the park with cannabis on their person… You’re welcome, SAPS, for the tip.

So, we switched over to the Zootly Chicken Flavoured CBD spray. Which is amazing, and our (the wife and I’s) older dog started to use it as well.

And it really tastes like chicken. Like, it’s yummy! After the success of the CBD for the dogs, I started to use the Zootly Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg.

I like the spearmint flavour as it is tasty. Sure, you can have the original flavour… But it’s spearmint! And yes, I use it with breakfast.

Blumat Classic and Easy

For the eagle-eyed reader you’d have spotted that I’ve bought some Blumat products.

Namely the Blumat Easy 1 for the cannabis plant, with the seed coming from President Seeds.

I was so impressed with the Easy, I bought the Classic.


Blumat Classic - Cannabis Things

In the background is my prized Hoya. Most years it blesses me with one to two bunches of flowers. This year, it has thrown out so many bunches it’s like wedding day for a royal.

Also, some user feedback to the Blumat guys, could you not make the Easy fit with a glass bottle? Would make it a lot more classy.

Freedom Farms Products

I’ve written about the Freedom Farms guys a lot. And have sung their praises, also a lot. Why?


Before we talk about the soil, let’s talk about my experience with their Sea Weed nutrient extract. Firstly, it doesn’t smell like Seagro, which I imagine is what a fishing trawler orgy smells like.

Secondly it is cheaper! Retailing at a cool R155.00.

But, what set this nutrient bottle apart from the rest is its squirt nozzle. Why does no one else do this? With Seagro, you feel like you’re drunkenly dishing out soya sauce! Just splashing the stinky stuff everywhere!

With Freedom Farms, it’s clean, it’s not smelly, and it goes where you need it to go, in the watering can.

Now I’ve purchased the Freedom Farm’s soil, the Formula 1 Growing Medium and Organic Classic Craft Soil. Both are what I’d describe as “soil porn”: light, fluffy, and just damn sexy.

Freedom Farms Soil Cannabis Things

The wife has forbidden me from pouring it over my body in the yard. But what I’m trying to say is,

It’s goooood!

Andrew Macfarlane

What other Cannabis Things do I own?

Well, I have the prototype ceramic Zootly Bong, as my wife was a part of its creation process.


And I was gifted a Zootly cap! It’s the only cap that fits my head. This is maybe too much information but I have a rather large head.

So, when the guys at Zootly gave me a cap that fitted, I was going to wear it everywhere!

If you see me on the COVID-19 streets, you’ll notice me because I’m always wearing my Zootly cap.

Anyway, I hope this sheds more light on some behind the scenes things at Zootly.


z00tly says: “You’re strange.”

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