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Dr Dabber Stella

Dr Dabber’s Stella! It’s Out of This WORLD!

If you haven’t heard, Zootly officially stocks Dr Dabber. And this means we stock their out of this world vaporizer, the Stella.

The guys at Dr Dabber have taken their time to create the Stella. So, what are you getting with the next generation of vaporizer pen?

What are you getting with the Stella?

Described on their website as taking cues from its award-winning predecessor the Stella makes major improvements in every category!

What are these improvements? Well, these include new four-hear settings, which range from 240c to 410c, which allows user to fine tune their experience to exactly what they want. After all, if you’ve grown your own herb, and pressed it yourself, you want to enjoy your rosin.

Then other features these wizards have included is a new battery with Temperature Coefficient fo Resistance (TCR) heating element. This allows for constant voltage to avoid burnt hits, which means you can truly enjoy the flavours exactly how they were suppose to be enjoyed. Also, it has a built in alumina ceramic vaporization chamber with sealed alumina ceramic heating element.

The Stella is Dr Dabber’s first vaporizer pen that features pass-through charging – which means you can vape and charge at the same time!

Those looking for more – you’re in luck. As this device has a floating vaporization chamber. This means the chamber has reduced contact with the rest of the pen. Which also means less heat transfer to the user’s hand.

Also, the Stella features a vortex-like airflow which optimises flavour and vapour production.

And finally, this device’s battery are not compatible with a 510-threaded cartridges.

If you were wondering…

There is a video how to use it!

In conclusion!

If you are looking for a portable dabbing rig that is quality product, easy to use, and damn sexy, look no further than this device!

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