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G-Pen Connect - Available At Zootly

Reviewing the G-Pen Connect! What you need to know!

So, you’re thinking about getting a G Pen Connect? Good for you! But you’re like,

“I need some more information before I fork out all the rands in my piggy bank!”

– Informed cannabis fan!

Then great! After all, we have just imported it just for you. The informed South African cannabis fan! Aren’t we nice?

Let’s look at what this device is all about – SHALL WE!

About the G Pen Connect!


And honestly, we believe them as this device has five American patents. That’s like four more than most Verimark products!

Anyway! More about this G Pen.

Some facts!

The G Pen can reach the perfect temperature within five seconds! Also, this contraption will help you develop the biggest plumes of vapour like a cannabis-volcano. Not the other Storz and Blickel device – CONCENTRATE! IN A BONG!

It also promises to deliver high density, quality vapour, without you having to fumble for a torch and exposed nail. And the device is able to do all this due to its amazing ceramic heating heating element that features patented reverse airflow technology. This tech allows for smooth and powerful draws. 

Also, worth mentioning that it comes with three temperature settings as well as an extended draw mode! So, what are the Top Trumps stats?

What’s the stats baby?

The first G Pen Connect stat you want to know about is its battery. Which has 850mAh of power! And just so you know it snaps into place with a nifty magnet.

We should also mention that this little gem comes with the ability to fit 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm glass-on-glass adaptors. This makes it compatible with any female-jointed water piece. Luckily we offer so many options

It also boasts a spring loaded carb button.

What does the internet say about this beaut?

The reviews!

On Dankstop this device gets a solid 4.2 stars out of five. Then again, this rating is a little lower as the clientele are ranking the device on poor delivery service… Like why dude? Why HECTOR A who says,

If I could rate this a negative number it will be -420 cause I’m not high from my G Pen not arriving at my address”

Hector A

This is why we can’t have nice things!

Most of the reviews on the site were positive.

TVape’s review was very positive. You can check that out in their video:

And so that you’re up to speed on the G Pen Connect, what do you get in the box?

What’s in the box? 

When you purchase this sexy little number you get: 

  • The battery (God, how annoying if this wasn’t the case);
  • Concentrate tank;
  • Housing
  • Male glass adapter (14mm)
  • Another one of those male adapters
  • A charging cable
  • And finally 3 replacement o-rings. 

Which is a lot more than those Verimark products offered. We think you should get it!

From the zootly Shop

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