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How South Africans Consume Their Cannabis!

It was a question that someone on the Zootly crew just thought of one day, sipping their coffee, but how do South Africans consume their cannabis?

So, armed with social media, and a drive to pursue knowledge, we hosted a poll on our Instagram account!

While not a 100% scientific, it’s better than luring people into a research group setting with pizza…

Anyway, on average we had around 223 people view our polls, and honestly we got some rad insights. If you don’t follow us on Instagram – you should now! And this has been completely handled by our resident cool guy Brandon. He’s, like cool.

Let’s get into the results!

Bongs VS Pipes

The results from our poll were pretty much heavily in favour of smoking it up with a bong compared to a pipe. Looks like 82% of cannabis consuming South African’s prefer using the good old bong, compared to 18% of pipe users. Then again, it was the Zootly Waves Glass Bong. This isn’t too surprising to us though, as we’ve sold more bongs than pipes.

In other news, we’ve just recently uploaded a new range of Pot Piper Pipes. So, we’ll have to check back in a few months to see whether our cannabis community is looking for a new pipe.


How else do the locals consume their cannabis?

Dabbing Vs Vaping

In a surprising result, dabbing beat vaping. We honestly thought the vape nation would come out in force for this, but we were mistaken as it seems everyone wants that dabbing rig!

78% of our followers who participated in the poll would prefer to dab than to vape!

According to our smoke section sales, our number 2 selling item is the affordable dry herb AirVape XS Go.

Dabbing to consume cannabis!

Honestly, if you feel like this doesn’t represent you – YOU SHOULD HAVE VOTED! Next result please!

Edibles Vs Oils

We’ve been feeling this result for a while now, thus our rapid expansion into the world of edibles. After all, we all want that tasty treat when relaxing. 83% of our followers who participated would prefer to eat their cannabis than ingest it via oils.

The results were pretty one sided in this. And honestly, we’d agree with them this time. Nothing like an edible trip to mellow out your day.

If you’re unsure what to cook with cannabis you can always check out some inspiration, here.

Also, as a general warning, please don’t suggest newbies do edibles with THC. As it often gives them an awful trip.

Joints Vs Blunts

Honestly, we weren’t surprised, the good old joint won this head-to-head. After all, who has time to make a blunt…? unless you get yourself the Otto Mill and Fill Automatic Grinder!

Also, with so many premium rolling papers to choose from it would be a waste to not try them all out!

Consume cannabis! South Africans!

As you can tell, not the huge landslide when we compared pipes and bongs, but you know. These are the results!
Honestly, after these first results it starts to get a bit more competitive!

So, let’s get to the next consumption results!

Shatter Vs Wax

If we’re to believe our eyes, it seems like most of our fans would rather stick with their wax. Then again, check out the dabbing results you’ve just read!

Hash Vs Kief

As the competition heats up we look at an old school battle. And in the modern world where unprocessed goods mean better – Kief won.

Honestly, we love ourselves a little hash as well.

Now to the grandaddy of cannabis questions… Sativa or Indica!

Sativa Vs Indica

In a result that we’d say should be recounted, Sativa won over Indica.

Looks like our crowd of fans are more the wake and bake types!

We spoke to the peeps over at President Seeds and they said that they mostly stock Indica strains at the moment. But now that they’ve seen this you better keep an eye on them!

So, were there any other polls we should know about – BRANDON!

Brandon gets confused between Snoop and Consume!

In a landslide victory we see old school Snoop fends off new comer Wiz.

How this poll worked it’s way into our scientific research on how South African’s consume marijuana we will never know. Except we think it’s Brandon’s fault.

Then again, it’s a result worth knowing about! After all, looks like our fans dig the old school.

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane

Poll by: Brandon Mackey

z00tly says: “I see Brandon on a daily basis, the man can’t stop singing Snoop Dogg Lyrics.”

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