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My Zoot Spot

Zootly’s Latest Competition! My Zoot Spot!

Look at us being all about the competitions! Our latest prize event, thingy, is My Zoot Spot, or #MyZootSpot, and it is a goodie! Especially as it involves all the things that make a rad cannabis comp!

Big prizes that any canna-fan would want? Check!

Cool photographs of you enjoying cannabis? Check!

And community building exercise for South African cannabis fans? Check!

So, what’s all this about?

What is My Zoot Spot All About?

Right, the powers that be have decided to give away 12 prizes worth the total value of R8000 from our Zootly Smoke section over the next 12 weeks. We’ll be announcing the winner every Monday!

And if you were wondering – you can enter as many times as you like! So, @trichosa you could upload another image with our amazing Tribal Bong!

Actually, you already did you beast!

In week 12 – Zootly will choose the best overall image and give them the other 11 prizes (remember, they won their first prize to get to this point) as the overall photographic cannabis GOD! AKA: the best Cannafluencer (God, shoot me)…

So, you could walk home with all 12 prizes worth a total of R4000!

That’s pretty insane! But how does one of the canna-fam enter this?

At the moment, you need an active Instagram account. No, this will not be rolling out on Facebook. We’re just focusing on one social media network. As our social media team is Brandon, be nice to him, he is a real human person with ambitions and feelings.

We all forget that when posting online!

You will need to upload an image/video to your profile with the hashtag #MyZootSpot and tag us (@zootly) in the comments section.

That’s it!

So, what’s been uploaded so far?

Pretty Zoot Spot Posts!

We’re hoping at the end of this to give our readers some useful information, like the best place to “zoot-it-up”!

And so far we’ve dug some of the suggestions!

Nothing like blazing away the day and waiting for a bite, great session spot!

Closing out the business day with a good Zoot! Also, epic sunset!


z00tly looking through the submissions

The writer for Zootly knows where this is… he takes his dogs walking there every so often!

And lastly, a post by our own team.


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