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How to Choose the Right Cannabis Grow Tent!

We’re mostly a bunch of “Positive Pollys”, but let’s tune into our “Negative Nancy” persona – climate change is here and it’s gonna get worse. With temperatures fluctuating wildly, and the recent debate about the hottest day in SA still fresh in our minds, the situation looks bleak.

Our writer, the person writing this piece, thinks we’ll all be living on boats and floating cities just like the movie Waterworld… Terrible movie.

Anyway, why are we stumbling down this road? Why has this introduction been so long?

Well, with all these climate changes, it’s time to invest in an indoor cannabis tent, where you can protect your plants from the grasp of sickly Mother Nature. But how do you go about choosing the right tent? Here are some tips on how to select the right grow tent.


Size is the first question you need to answer. After all, your tent requirements will change drastically if you’re planning on growing three plants compared to ten.

Another determining factor is the location. If you’re still trying to hide the fact you’re growing from the in-laws, a closest grow is still the best. But if you’re not burdened by outside, judgemental factors, then you can go big.

Also, you’ll need to factor in how large your plants will be when it comes time for them to flower.


Let’s just get one fact straight, while you might be the protective individual, wear and tear is something to consider when purchasing a tent.

The tougher the better, we say. While a stronger material will be heavier, hampering movement, it’s always something to consider. Also, you’ll be fitting lights and ventilation, so rigid tent poles are also important to handle the weight. We test our tents by getting the smallest person in the store to do pull-ups on the tent.

Another environmental factor is the proximity to electrical outlets for the grow lights and ventilation. Without power, there’s no light or fresh air.

And lastly, with the ventilation, you need to make sure that it is circulated outside. Otherwise, you’ll just be heating up your home as well as making it smell like the dankest place on earth. Our tents have a drawstring so you can create a tight seal.

Actual Tent Characteristics

Now it’s time to talk about the tent itself. The reflective properties of the lining are key to improving your indoor cannabis yield. The more light, the better for your plant. It should go without saying that fire resistance is a must, as well as mildew protection.

Then, light leakage is a thing with tents, after all, you don’t want to live in a house with a constant eerie feeling. So, joins need to be sewn together tightly, and zips need to be strong.

And with any tent, it needs to be easy to assemble, as well as to disassemble.

Also, because this is a grow tent and you need to check on your plants, ease of access is a top priority. But most grow tents have a convenient window to check on the plants. If it doesn’t, then you’re buying something budget.

Anyway, as you might expect, we sell some of South Africa’s best indoor grow tents. All of them are custom made to the specifications from our professional grow team.

Literally, we gave them free rein to go wild with the budget. And they were inspired by the best lights in the business, the California LightWorks rigs, which is exactly why we sell the tents and the lights as a combo set.

Take a look at our amazing tents here. And then peak at our amazing lights here.  

And remember, the world’s environment is collapsing in on itself, so get ready to at least have a dank supply of weed!

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, budding horticulturist, and pessimistic futurist.

Zootly Says: “Recently I replaced my owl house with a Zootly Grow Tent, let’s just say lighting isn’t an issue.”

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