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Transplanting Your Cannabis Plants

Transplanting Your Cannabis Plants: The Shocking Truth!

Transplanting Your Cannabis Plants? For some lazy growers, scattering their seeds into the final growing container is enough. After all, letting nature do its thing is always best. But if this were really the case we’d all still be living in caves and enjoying no cannabis.

Going with a large container for your seed means that a small plant can’t access all the nutrients. It also means you need to water the pot a lot, which in turn can lead to root rot and just less control. We can assume that if you’re reading this blog you want all the control! YOU WANT TO GROW THE BEST SOUTH AFRICAN CANNABIS!

Which means you need to master Transplanting Your Cannabis Plants into another pot.

It Starts With The Cannabis Seed

We’ve all sprouted beans in cotton wool at school, if you didn’t we’d suggest getting a refund on your primary school education.

The process is simple, place the seed on a cotton bud, add just enough water so that it is moist, then cover with an additional damp bud. After this is completed, place into a dark and warm spot for 5 days until roots appear.

When these roots appear, it’s time for some soil. or peat moss discs, which you can purchase from our shop in Woodstock, Cape Town. If you’ve gone with peat moss, place the disc into a small cup.

Now For The Cannabis Seedling

Now you’ll want to wait until the little cannabis plant has developed 4-5 sets of leaves. At this stage, the roots should be ready to burst out of the container.

Roots should be white in colour. If they’ve discoloured then your plant is suffering from being root-bound. This means you need to transplant it, ASAP.

Before transplanting, make sure that you don’t water the plant for around 24 hours, so the soil sticks to the roots. Also, wash your hands before you handle the roots because this will help minimise the potential of contamination. Finally, doing it out of the direct sunlight will help maintain the roots. You want to avoid damaging them as much as possible. 

Make sure that the receiving pot has been filled with the growing medium and that there is a hole with enough space for the plant.

The rule of thumb for transplanting is to ensure that the roots are moved with as little shock to them as possible. Damaged roots can stunt growth and even kill the plant.

Pat the soil down gently around the plant. Now add water to the soil.

The next transplant will occur after the vegetation step.

Cannabis Vegetative Transplanting 

This is the stage where your marijuana’s roots will be reaching out and gathering as much nutrients as possible.

Symptoms of a pot-bound plant are smaller new leaves, stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and leaves that drop off.

Make sure to cut the nutrients you provide to the plant by half a day before transplanting, so ease off that sweet GHE to avoid shock.

You should also ensure that the receiving pot’s soil isn’t tightly packed as this will hamper drainage.

The Final Cannabis Countdown! 

Now, it’s time for the finishing container. This will be your largest pot. As a definite rule, transplanting your cannabis plants is not a good idea after the flowering cycle has started. This would cause unnecessary stress on the plant. Follow the same steps above, making sure to keep stress on the roots as low as possible.

If you are about to turn on some bright California Lightwork Lights, make sure to give the plant 1-2 weeks break before initiating flowering.

You will want a large pot for the last stages. If you were wondering, “Where am I going to get these pots?” We supply some amazing, fabric Zootly pots, perfectly sized for transplants, also they have loads of benefits which you can read about, here.

Transplanting your cannabis plants
Also, we have an all-in-one-in grow kit called The Zootly’s Nest.

But after this last step – you’ll be ready to harvest!

Make sure to cure that bud with these moisture suckers!

Zootly Says, “You got to transplant your bud to get that high!”

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, budding horticulturist and fabric pot owner – they’re cool, ok!

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