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Why Weed Is Bound To Be The Next Avocado!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, budding horticulturist and avo hater.

The humble avocado, the fruit that has been whole-heartedly adopted by the Millennial market. Nothing is more Gen Y than waking up to spread some avo on a slice of toast. 

For those of you who haven’t picked up a magazine or read a click-bait article in the last 5 years (Where have you been? Like, seriously?), Millennials are a group of individuals born between 1980 – 1996. Now that we have cleared that up, why does this demographic love this fruit? Well, it’s photogenic, tasty, and healthy. 

But, what about the bold statement that marijuana will be the next Avocado? Well, that’s what I’m going to break down for you in the only format Millennials understand, a mothertrucking listicle. Hold on to your H&M fedora, this is going to be rough.    


Let’s put this into Instagram terms. #Avocado has been used nearly 10 million times with another 1 million tags being posted for #avocadotoast. Yeah, people love taking photos of avocados and sharing them to their social media feed! You could argue that if you don’t take a photo of an avo – DID YOU EVEN EAT IT! 

Anyway, I digress! 

My argument is that people already love snapping pictures of their consumables. And on Instagram, there are 19 million #weed tags and 8 million #weedporn (it’s not that naughty, just weed) tags. While the feed isn’t as premium as the avo crowd, it’s changing as it becomes legal. 

Soon, you’ll be throwing out that #420 tag and your mom will be liking your post, like she does when you post about your healthy avo breakfast. 


Everyone raves about how awesome avo tastes. Literally it’s the first line in every bloody recipe blog that uses the stuff. JUST EAT IT! WE KNOW WHAT IT TASTES LIKE – AVO! 

Right, went a little off track again. 

With the cannabis market, the hybrids we’re seeing nowadays are highly specialised crops that have different amounts of THC or CBD in them, and most importantly they also have tasting notes. Yes, there are now weed sommeliers, who can tell you the taste and type of the high you’re about to experience. 

So, once again, weed wins because avo can only be avo, really. No one is asking for an avocado sommelier… 

Also, before we forget, we do have a recipe for you on our blog on how to cook with cannabis.


I don’t really feel like going into this, but gosh, I’m getting paid to do it so… Here are some avocado health facts I found on the net: 

  • Avos contain more potassium than bananas (Nice one avo, you how to beat another fruit at its own game);  
  • Avos are loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (This means it’s safe to cook with, compared to olive oil which when warmed up produces a cancer causing byproduct. GOD, avo, can you just ease up on the other food groups)
  • Avos are loaded with fibre (Once again avo is the asshole fruit who just knocked the old winner, All-Bran, off its “fibre podium”…).

We could list more, but it’s getting boring and researching avo facts is annoying. Avo is like the class suck-up, its always just shoving itself into the spotlight. 

Once again, sorry to have carried on like this. 

With cannabis, there are new medicinal uses for it being discovered on a daily basis. Also, there are a number of methods to ingest weed nowadays, as we discussed in this blog, so you don’t need to smoke it any more. 

So, there you have it, weed is the new avocado for millennials. 

Zootly says,“I was born in the 2010s, so I’m not actually old enough to be thrown into a marketing demographic. Marketers, what a bunch of -CENSORED-”   

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