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Zootly Dairies #8: Lighting Up June With California Lightworks

Back in June 2019, Zootly is running 100 miles an hour towards the sunset. Sourcing the best international cannabis gear (including California Lightworks Lights). It should go without saying, Zootly wants to be (arguably is) the best cannabis South African brand.

As a result, we are putting in the hard work. Not to mention, every step we take is breaking new ground.

Where are those California Lightworks lights?

We still eagerly await word from California Lightworks. The Zootly crew are feeling the tension as we had placed a half a million-rand order. And not a peep from the Americans.

On the grand scale of the international market, we are small fry.

However, we know there must be hundreds of whining customers, us included in the masses. But there are more hurdles to overcome.

No cut-and dried solution

To clarify, our biggest challenge is time. During their summer months, we’re 9-hours ahead of the USA. This is a communication challenge with emails going answered a full day after being sent.

In short, there’s a delayed response from the Californians/Cally Boys/best damn LED grow light producer on the planet. So, it’s worth answering midnight emails. 

There’s also a mad rush for California Lightworks LED grow light setups due to the fact that new States are legalizing cannabis. Every month an entire state’s potential growing community rush to their site and buy up everything in their warehouse.

This means California Lightworks are battling to keep up with demand. Always good to see a company that delivers quality products get the right response and praise. 

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