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CBD For South Africans

3 Top South African Benefits to Using CBD Oil!

As we’re all well aware, cannabidiol (CBD) is legal in South Africa. But what are the benefits of using CBD oil in South Africa?

Sure, there’s a million reasons given in international publications, but let’s bring that focus to the local market.

Here are our top 3 South African Benefits to Using CBD Oil!

It Relieves Pain!

A major benefit of CBD is that it provides pain-relieving effects for the user.

This is in part due to the fact that the human body, and most living creatures, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS).

If you are wondering what this system does in your body, it reportedly regulates a variety of functions such as:

  • Sleep;
  • Appetite;
  • Immune system responses;
  • And PAIN!

CBD deals with these issues by being an anti-inflammatory, which communicates with the ECS system.

In short, CBD can help you with healing from bumps and scratches. Which comes in handy if you’ve been nailed in a “gentleman’s soccer” session on the rugby field in Bloem.

Pawn’d like a Soy-Boy!

Others have found that the combined use of THC and CBD has been an effective treatment method for chronic pain afflictions like sclerosis and arthritis.

If you’d like to read about this properly, this is a user-friendly blog, you can do so here.

CBD Oil And Anxiety

We’ve actually spoken about anxiety and CBD on Zootly’s Hoot before, but let’s just say it again,

Cannabidiol (CBD) has well-recognised properties of calming anxiety and easing insomnia, as evidenced in medical studies and reviews.

Zootly’s Use CBD Oil to Beat Coronavirus Anxiety

These well-recognised properties are what result from CBD’s interaction with the ECS. And the ECS activates brain receptors when they are dosed with CBD.

What this does is release serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behaviour.

So, before heading home in the evening traffic, have a spray of our amazing, broad-spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg. In a few minutes, you’ll be floating on a cloud of serotonin and warmly waving that taxi into your lane.

CBD and rather chill.
The day before taking CBD in the traffic – just chill oke!

CBD Oil May Reduce Acne!

It’s something we’ve all battled with at one stage in our lives, acne.

While isolating exactly what causes acne can be difficult (as it can be genetic, bacteria, or overproduction of natural oils), one factor is inflammation.

As we mentioned above, CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory.

CBD acene
Not, we’re not going to share those gross pimp popping GIFs! The writer of this article needs to wash his eyes out with CBD oil now!

Pair the two together and you have a solution. As always, we’ve simplified this, and you should read up on this in the medical journal article, here.

After all, just because we’ve written it doesn’t make it true.

Otherwise, dinosaurs that excrete ice-cream from their nostrils can be discovered in Darling… They’re call Zootlies!

#FakeNews #AndrewNeedsACookie

But, if you’re looking for a skin solution before attending the “sokkie of your dreams”, maybe try some CBD.


At the moment there are daily discoveries of new uses for CBD. So, we’re sure there’ll be a follow up to this article about the new powers of CBD.

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, writer and fan of the 1000mg spray Zootly CBD Oil, works well.

z00tly says: A CBD oil dropper in the hand is like worth an entire crop of unharvested hemp…

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