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New Cannabis Product Arrivals! Get Them While They’re Hot!

So, as you’d know if you’re a regular here, Zootly has always imported the best new cannabis products for South African marijuana fans. Now, what has the owl been able to source from across the globe?

Vapes – Lots of New Cannabis Vapes!

As you can imagine, we stock the best South African vapes. And we wrote a piece about finding the perfect vape in South Africa. So, what are the newest imports in our store? Well, let’s start with;

AirVape OM

This tiny puff-sized device is described by its manufacturer,

“The most innovative oil/concentrate vaporizer. The AirVape OM enjoyed such popularity that we thought it well deserved an upgrade and a fresh new look.”

AirVape The Brand

Well, here it is, THE UPGRADE! What do you get with the upgrade?

Glad you guys asked! This little OM packs a more powerful battery and magnetic cartridge and is covered with high-quality leather. You will only be able to use this tiny gem with concentrates, but man, you’ll be doing that precious juice with the best device.

G Pen Micro+ with Guests

So, the guys at Grenco Science love to collaborate. Like, they’re the go-to collaborators in the vaping game. Who’s jumping on board with the guys at G Pens?

Well, with the Cookies, it’s with a cannabis entrepreneur, rapper and artist called Berner. In American dispensaries, Cookie’s strains are well known.

The next brand was Lemonade, also owned by Berner. So, this pen has nothing to do with the album… NOTHING!

Then the last option is from Dr. Greenthumb. This time it is a partnership between the brand and rapper/entrepreneur B-Real, AKA, Cypress Hill. Thus the name – paging Dr. Greenthumb.

I can’t express how much I want to play Cypress Hill passing this vape around.

If the writer had a choice of G Pen Micro+, he’d go with Dr. GreenThumbs. He would love this for his Birthday… He’s been a loyal “freelancer”…


PAX Kits

If you didn’t know, the powers that be at Zootly are the sole distributor of the PAX devices in SA. So, if you’re like a retailer/shopper…

Hello eager client,

Please stock up with these devices now. As we swear the other day, a Nigerian businessman sent us an email about a huge fortune/business opportunity – we are cashing out… PEACE!

Andrew Macfarlane – broke freelance writer and believer of emails

What other new cannabis products are available from Zootly?

Zootly CBD Jellies Jar!

We literally uploaded this product on the day this article was published! Cutting it fine at Zootly!

It’s available in two flavours, namely Tutti Fruity and Sour Apple. Nothing better than getting treats in jars! And we feel like the fact the jar is airtight and see-through would be interesting to a cannabis fan we know.

The CBD in these jellies is broad spectrum. And has a total of 60mg of CDB.

We Will Always Hunt For New Cannabis Gear!

As long as our buyers can walk, we will send them out into the big bad world to find new cannabis gear. So far, no one has died. But then again, we’ve been easy on them.

In the next few years, our team will need to go above and beyond to find that rare cannabis product no one else in the world can get you! Like our ceramic bongs, where else would you get ceramic cannabis bongs?

Nowhere that we know of, so keep coming to Zootly for all the best cannabis-related gear.

From the zootly Shop

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