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Top 5 CBD Products In South Africa

Top 5 CBD Products in South Africa!

Cannabidiol – CBD is now available in nearly everything. You won’t believe all the CBD products we’ve seen.

But from the very long list of products, the crew at Zootly have identified some of the serious, stand-out CBD items. And we believe in them!

And we have our own amazing range of CBD products! Including our yummy candies!

Rather than hog the spot light, and tell you about our CBD oil spray applicators, let’s shift the focus to other brands.

Peach & Moon CBD Plus Water Soluble 400mg!

Peach & Moon CBD Plus Water Soluble 400mg

You know this is the product is the “shizz-nizz” as the team at Peach & Moon have their own biochemist who assists with formulation of the products.

Their organic water soluble 400mg is easily absorbed into the system. Whether you’re enjoying a tea or cool drink, pop a few drops in and enjoy!

Also, all their CBD is chemically tested for cannabinoids in their products as it is board-spectrum CBD.

Their entire range is amazing and you can read more about them – here.

africanpure Vapes

africanpure Uplift

Sleek, classic, and easy to use, africanpure Vapes are perfect for those looking for an immediate CBD shot.

This is the quickest method of absorbing CBD currently. Each disposable pen comes with 250mg organic CBD blended with coconut derived MCT oil.

Their serving suggestion is two 3-second puffs per dose, and users should not exceed 24 puffs per day, or 20mg CBD.

Also, these pens last for 12 days.

If you are into your coffee, well we have a treat!


Medspresso Partners

The guys over at Medspresso were very gracious to share the news of us on yahoo!finance.

And we’re glad to have them in our store as their coffee, even without the CBD, is great!

All the capsules are compostable, Nespresso machine compatible, and made by coffee lovers. What else could you ask for when stocking CBD coffee?

We offer all four of their products the Ethiopian & Kenyan, Tanzanian Peaberry, Hot Chocolate, and Rooibos.

Canache CBD Infused Salted Caramels

Cannabis edibles.

Ask any of the team in our store what their favourite caramel in the shop is, it’ll be Canache.

Canache is a premium CBD and Fynbos infused confectionary – which is obvious by the packaging.

Inspired by the Cape Garden Route, which is one of the world’s most tranquil settings, Canache sources all of its ingredients locally.

Founded by a team looking to escape the manic corporate world, they put their talents to work creating the best, most premium, handcrafted CBD products. Now you can enjoy them in our store.

And the final must-have CBD product?

Whoomph CBD Gummies!

Whoomph CBD - Cannabis Edibles

You thought we’d throw in the fact we launched a candy lollipop range. Not us, we’re believers in promoting all good products and Whoomph gummies are delicious!

There is 150mg of CBD per pack and there are 10 gummies in each one. They come in two flavours: Strawberry and Tropical Fruit.

These little treats are perfect for those wanting to explore the world of CBD products.

And just like that we’ve shared with you our top 5 CBD products. If there are any you’d like us to investigate, let us know.

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and CBD taker.

z00tly says: “Look at all these amazing CBD treats! But I like my full plant extract if you know what I mean…”

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