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March Madness!

Surprise! We’re Suffering From March Madness! Up to 50% Off On Selected Cannabis Gear!

That’s right! Without any warning we’re here to tell you that March Madness has officially begun at Zootly! What, you wanted to know this fact before logging on here? Then sign up to the our newsletter.


So, now let’s discuss what’s on sale, and remember, some of these things’ prices have been slashed by up to 50%!



Cannabis edibles.

This premium CBD and Fynbos infused confectionary is now on sale!

The founders of the luxurious treat were inspired by the Cape Garden Route, which is one of the world’s most tranquil destinations.

Canache uses only local ingredients and inspirations. From the amazing caramel, the sprinkle of Cape sea salt, and the dip into velvety smooth dark chocolate, the treat is a marvellous achievement of what happens when you mix excellence with excellence.

Just one of many treats in this March Madness Sale!

March Madness, California LightWorks – AND MORE!

Yes, the guys have gone “gah-gah-mad”! Marking down the world’s best grow lights!

And if that’s not enough, you can score discounts on the Zootly ALL-IN-ONE-KITS!

Yeah, that’s the tent, some Zootly Nests, ventilation, lights, humidity, and filters! Like, what are they thinking? They literally just put these cannabis growing sets together, now they’re just marking them down!

Now, what if you’re looking for something for your marijuana plants – WE HAVE GOOD NEWS!


That’s right! Get these selected products during the March Madness sale! And see how your plant goes from “MEH” to “IT’S HUGE!”.

Created by a Dr. Cal Herrmann, who is a NASA chemist, so you know, this stuff works – IN SPACE!

The nutrients are divided into flexible combinations for growers to easily chop and change, depending on their plants.

If you are a little worried, just talk to our team in the store.

But what if you’re just looking at cashing in when smoking up!

Oh, the madness continues!

Smoking the Madness!

The Zootly guys have just gone mad. We’ve just introduced the Envy Glass range and already Chris has decided…

Might as well put this in the bargain bin!

Chris Landman, Co-Founder and Owner of Zootly

All ENVY Glass products are handmade in their workshop in Southern California, USA, using only the highest quality Borosilicate glass. Which is awesome stuff!

Then they’ve decided to cool it down a bit… with the Eyce Mould 2.0! WHICH IS ALSO ON SALE!

They have also included the Eyce Beaker!

But if you’re keen for something in line with the vaporizer range, they have marked down the G PEN Pro Vaporizer!

G Pen Pro Vaporizer
Grenco Science G Pen Pro Vaporizer is portable, easy to maintain, and easier to operate. Delivering quick even heat, we can guarantee you’ll be happy.

As well as the Storz and Bickel CRAFTY+ and DYNAVAP “M”!

And now that you know what smoking devices are on sale you might be amped to hear that South Africa’s best cannabis grinder is also included in the madness!

Yes, the Zoot Grinder in Black and White, is also being marked down! Along with the Zoot Case!

We’re now going to share some more crazy good news – there are some CBD products on sale!

March Madness and CBD Products!

CBD for South Africans
CBD for South Africans

That’s right, management felt like it would be chilled to reduce the price on selected CBD products.

Firstly, the Zootly CBD range, which includes the 100mg and 300mg, as well as the Zootly Pet CBD!

Also, the Zootly CBD Chocolate!

We could go on-and-on-and-on! But we’ve decided you should just look for yourself! HERE!

GO MAD! You deserve it!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and shouter.

z00tly says: “I’m never going to get that double storey nest with prices like these! When am I going to cash out and just get high in my tree!”

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